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Blast from the past: John Coltman's 404 Injection

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In February 1981 a group of five friends (one of which is me) piled into a Toyota Corolla wagon with 4 studded snows and drove from Vancouver to Clinton BC looking for "Duck Lake".  Ice races were on that weekend and we wanted to spectate.  We found the spot around noonish and watched some of the action.  Then I see this car pulling into the pit area.....it was John Coltman from Summerland and his 1967 404 sedan, originally carbureted but retrofitted with KF2 fuel injection.  I spent a fair while talking to John and looking the car over.  He used it as his daily driver and as you can see, rust was getting hold of the shell in 1981.  John was a rally organizer and participant in BC from the 1960s through the eighties. 

The car's name was "Miss Piggy" and  its serial number was 5377527.  Originally equipped with an 80 HP XC6 engine, John got a KF2 engine from his friend at Vernon Small Car Centre from a rusted hulk from Québec (that had never been registered in BC) and transplanted it into Miss Piggy for a little more power.  Miss Piggy continued to live on for a few years after these photos were taken, but her life was ended in the mid-eighties when John schmucked her into a logging truck on a gravel road while doing recce for an upcoming rally.  John was OK and I'm delighted to say that he's still around today, tinkering with 504s and living in Clearwater.


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Awesome flashback Mike!

Would love to meet John next time we’re out to BC!  BC has been a family favorite destination for summer road trips, and the kids want to go back so bad...

We’re way overdue for another island visit as well.  :)


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11 hours ago, ULLAS said:



ULLAS: 778-522-8957

No but you can email him at [email protected]

....of course it's without the hyphens in between the words....


Do you have a Peugeot, or did you formerly?

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