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XD3 to XD2S Parts Interchangeability?

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I’ve come across one of the rare for US 505’s with the XD3 motor, plus 4 speed auto. It’s in a junkyard a few hours drive from here. Looks like the engine is basically complete, and I didn’t get a chance to look into why the car was scrapped.

My questions is, does anyone know if are there any parts worth taking off of the XD3 that would be a possible upgrade for my 83 XD2S?

I know that the injection pump, turbo, and intake manifold are different. Would the airbox, or intercooler fit or be worth taking for my car? I have the original oil bath air filter which is a bit warped on my car, so I should probably replace it anyway.

I’s love to pull the whole engine/transmission but that’s obviously not very practical.


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Did you happen to take pictures?  We didn’t actually get the later intercooled  505 turbo diesels (XD3TE) cars so if it is intercooled it’s aftermarket or it’s a newer euro import.  Normally both motors should have the Bosch VE injection pump, but the intercooled motor came with a rotodiesel pump iirc.  If it is a euro motor then good Lord it’s a rare bird.

Anything you mentioned to take took off could be made to work, but it would depend what the reasoning would be to update it.  Newer air filters are hard to come by,  and a well maintained oil bath filter is hard to beat.


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Thanks for the reply Rabin. I admit, I don’t know much about this particular engine. I was under the impression it had intercooling, plus an oil cooler on the US models. I thought they made significant upgrades beyond the displacement. You’re right, I should have taken a pic. I was in a real rush.

I would like to replace my air filter at some point, since it’s warped around the area where if seals, but I don’t necessarily need to go with a different model.

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