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1986 505 TD & Gas Wagons in Boston - Free to a good home!

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I was contacted by a gentleman in Boston looking to find homes for two 1986 505 Wagons.  One is a very rare XD3T TD 4sp auto wagon, the other is likely just an XN6 gas wagon:

I drove the 86 for a while and liked it. I picked it up from a couple in Cambridge. I had Frank Bowman (Peugeot mechanic in New Bedford) check it out and he told me that the oil cooler was leaking bad. He disconnected it said that I could drive it without an oil cooler. I did but thought that the oil ran hot. I don't remember why I stopped driving it. The 4 speed was nice and when I bought the car was told that it had recently been rebuilt. As I recall the car has about 225 miles on it but I am going from memory and could be wrong.  It was a second car and more a toy.  

The 86 definitely would need to be towed.  Rust on the surface is not too bad.  Don't know about underneath. 

The TD is missing the fan assembly and radiator as well as the front power window motors. Otherwise it is mostly complete. The injection pump is off the car but I have it. It has the leather interior that is in good shape. 





I also have an 86 gas wagon that is in the same situation, has not run in 15 years but did run before that. The only real problem was the starter circuit was weak.   Contact owner:  joseph lenihan - j3star (at)outlook.com








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Hi Marcus - You’d have to contact the seller directly at his email.   Which one of them were you wanting, and it might be easier to help figure out what it would take.  
Your best bet would be to plan on either shipping or travelling there and trailering back.  Too many unknowns to think about flying and driving back - but again that’d be a discussion for the owner.

Good luck!


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