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Mohamed’s engine rebuild questions

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Hi guys. Been reading the posts, some quite interesting info on the 505. I'm from Argentina, recently blew the head gasket on my Peugeot 505 station wagon. Had the head removed, sent in for reconditioning,  bought the new gasket , seals water pump etc. Now the mech tells me that the sleeves on the block are also damaged. Looks like we're going to have to do up the whole engine. Thing is that the cost is at least 2 thirds the value of the vehicle. Or at least that's what I can presently sell it for. (Interestingly, second hand cars are dirt cheap in Argentina presently for anyone coming in from outside with dollars. A peugeot 505 in good condition would go for about $1000)

Anyway , I'm between continuing to fix or sell as is. Any opinions..?

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Hi Mohamed - Welcome to the forum!

Do you know specifically why the liners need replacing or how they are damaged?  
Usually you just need to worry about the seals at the bottom of the liners, and that the protrusion is in spec as long as there’s no wear obvious damage or wear then they can be reused.

If they’re scored or have excessive wear then they usually need to be replaced with matched pistons and liner sets.

If were you I would look at getting a good parts car that has a good motor and then swap it in.  You than have spare parts for lots of other future repairs, but that assumes you have the space to store it or extra parts.


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Another thing to consider is these care long ago stopped being financially economical to operate.  You own them because you love them.

Peugeots are worth nothing.  The nicest one in the world will sell for $15K.  I have a nice 87 505 turbo.  2K, 5K?  Get any semblance of fiscal value out of your head.  You want value, get a Corolla.  You want investment-grade value, get a VW bus. Nothing wrong with that.  Just different car in different role.

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