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Radio removal, early 505 dashboard


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Hi All,

Does anyone know the correct procedure to remove an original 505 radio from an early dash?  I see two screws up by the top of the radio portion and tried removing the ashtray below but found nothing in there.  After removing the screws it was more loose but still nowhere near coming out.




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I still haven't figured out how to get it out and have given up for the moment till I know more.  I don't want to break anything.  I guess my radio will have to lay silent for the time being ?

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Back in olden times ;) - decks like that used the volume and tuner buttons to hold the stereo to the face plate. It looks like the console cover is that plate so you might want to pull the knobs off to see if the nuts on the shaft hold it.

I also seem to remember that there’s a nut on the back side that supports the back of the stereo. Might want to see if you can take a peak behind for something like that.

Pure guesses as it’s been MANY years since messing with a series 1 dash.


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Hi Todd,

Replace the screws that you removed. Remove the trim surrounding the face of the unit using scraper/spatula type of tool to lever it off. Apply a light lubricant to the same tool and slide it in the tiny gap between the unit’s metal case and its metal holder. Do this to all sides of the unit to loosen its friction fit. Then using the slots on the left and right of the front of the unit pull it out.

I hope this works for you, it did for me, though my GTi Series 1 setup looks a little different to yours.


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