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From what Make and Model is this engine ?

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Hi, can someone please help me. I have an engine I want to fix, but I'm not sure from which Peugeot it comes. I think it's a Peugeot 404d - can someone please assist ? The following info I got off the block :

2882323  (serial ?)
G C 10 C A


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Hi Rabin

Thank you for the response.

I actually managed to speak to one of Peugeot South Africa's first mechanics (worked there since 1962, retired now). He says the 1979 Peugeot 404D came with the 504d 2.3L engine ... and when searching for parts now they actually fit!

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Wow Lenny - I didn’t realize you were from South Africa AND I didn’t realize they made the 404d up until 1979 there!

If it’s the same as the 504d that we got that should make it an XD2 2.3L diesel. If it was turbo it’d an XD2S.

Feel free to post pictures - would love to see it.


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