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The one that got away - not really a "build" but more like an intended one

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In 1985 I sold my first very rusty Peugeot 404 Coupé Injection and bought this car.  It was carbureted but that was fixed in 1987 when it got KF2 power.  The car was imported to BC from California by the original owners in the 1970s and was showing the first significant signs of rust when I bought it at 273,000 miles.

It was a daily driver for a poor graduate student so spending much on it was not on and I didn't have a winter beater.  This car saw salt and lots of it.  Some attempts I made to attenuate the rust were partially successful - at least delaying the inevitable.

We had some good times with that car.  Drove as far east as Ontario and well into Oregon, plus all over BC and Alberta.  In 1988 I yumped it over a huge dike that crosses a road in the Fraser River valley once at 80 MPH, and it flew through the air like a champ and even landed well.  Our first born daughter came home in that car in 1989.

I even bought new floors for it from Reiner in Germany in 1988.

But then in 1989 I found another Canadian 404 Coupé - the one I eventually restored - and it quickly became evident the last 6 months of the 404 sedan's life that it was running out of time.  Changing a flat tire one day, the corner jacked up, the doors would not open.  So it ended up in a scrapyard in Waneta BC near Trail.  The floors were used in the 404C.

The sedan had over 400,000 miles when scrapped.4326224-01.thumb.jpg.ec41310916dfe8dca11016b1e4fe311b.jpg

4326224 Larson Elementary2.jpg

4326224 SFU-3.jpg



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That’s awesome Mike - In 89’ I was 17 with a v6 swapped 504 in North Battleford Saskatchewan...  

I’ve only ever been in one 404, but it was a short ride so was never able to build any impressions of it.  

That 504 though is a part of me - Even had it when I met my now wife.  :)



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Wow that’s awesome Mike, i'm much younger and i'm still making memories with cars, 1989 is the year that i was born. 400 000 miles= 648 000 km that is no joke especially for a petrol engine, i'm sure new cars won't reach noway near that and the roads today are much better then back then. I love hearing stories like this.

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