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Hello all!

First of all I just want to say hello to everybody! I recently got a 1985 puegeot 505 N9T 5 speed.

I am fixing it up and I had a question regarding the coolant temp gauge. After I bled the system (according to the post by webmaster back in 2012) I let it idle for a bit. But, as shown in the attachment when the coolant temp gauge reaches that point the cooling system warning pops up to indicate overheating/low level. My level is fine. When I drove it for 20 miles beforehand I did not get any warning lights and the gauge was kinda sitting at around that position.

I suspect I either didnt bleed the system properly or the gauge never worked properly.


Here is the link to the guide I used:


Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Posted (edited)


Drove the car around and it performs fine. When I drove I did get the coolant warning but it disappeared. The needle also started to go up towards the middle but did not over heat. I did give it the beans but then the led started started blinking. I think the code is 5- something. I will have to look it up. I'm no expert so I may be talking out of my ass. 

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Hi Tommy,

Welcome to the forum and sorry for the delayed reply! (I didn’t see it till just now!)

Coolant level can sometimes be the level sensor in the radiator itself acting up, but hopefully all is good so far.

Only other comment I can make is that the t-stat itself is an important part in keeping a steady temp. I upgraded my N9TE to an OEM Nissan thermostat and was amazed at how much more stable it kept temps.

Pictures and an update would be great if you find the time!


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Taking air out can be tricky. Lift car nose and lift expansion tank as high as it comes. Let filling cap open and fill untill level keeps been up. when fan starts run and water level is top on filling cap. Then close filling cap and see at expansion tank is max mark. 

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