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N9TEA - Code 5-1 should indicate an NTC issue. I bought the car with the LED flashing. Even though it started and drove well cold (area of influence for the NTC as it screws into thermostat housing) I changed it anyway (I think it had a black on and the new one is blue). Not only did it not change the cold starting (which was ok as I said) it did not make the LED stop flashing 5-1 either. The light doesn't come on right away but after warm-up and accelerating. Then it says on until shut off. Any ideas?

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Do you still get the flashes?

Did you ever check the wiring to the NTC sensor? And have you tested and verified your ground wires?

I redid the ground wires, as well as a new NTC sensor as well. The later cars used a pricier NTC sensor that was blue, and it cross referenced to the same one used by Volvo.


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Ah Grasshopper. Thanks for your input. It's still doing it. It's erratic behavior as sometimes it doesn't flash, sometimes it flashes after I hit the throttle hard and sometimes it comes on from cold start and/or driving downhill or after it has warmed-up. I had a "mechanic" check the continuity from NTC to ECU and while it indicated OK. I got a pin-out box from Dono but have yet to get the "Mechanic" to use it.

Now, all that said I talked to another "mechanic" who has dealt with Motronic on BMW's and he suggest replacing the ECU (typical for a mechanic, replace things until the problem goes away).

Got ECU I could borrow?


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