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Con Rod thickness and length, 505 turbo

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The reason I ask is I am trying to do a comparison with the  7T2 engines (predecessor to N9T) we have here (in Chrysler Centura).

The rods on the 7T2 engine are 28.2mm wide, BE bore 55.885mm, SE bore 24.006mm., length C-C 137mm

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I was especially hoping someone could tell me the thickness of the con-rod, as others on this site say they have used Saab rods, however they are only 26.4 thick, compared to 7T2 engine at 28.2 thick. (The thickness would need to be measured as it doesn't seem to be in any literature)

Just wonder how these Saab rods don't cause a problem due to side clearance on the crank.

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