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Hi all,
Thank you very much admin for accepting me as a new member. I am located in Singapore, grew up with a 504 as a kid (my parents owned one, brand new purchase at that time).
I am about to rekindle with 504 and I am seriously considering to purchase one good condition 504 that was manufactured in 1975.
The car is located in other country therefore import process, custom clearance and local registration is needed.

There's a foreseen problem with the importation and registration process. The local authority wants to see VIN number printed in both commissioning plate and chassis / body.
We tried to find out but seems this unit doesn't have the VIN stamped anywhere besides the one on the commissioning plate.

For this case, the authority requests me to provide letter from manufacturer to support the case if the car was manufactured without VIN stamping.

1. Do any of members here also have the same situation where VIN is not stamped on the chassis?

2. Who in Peugeot France that can I contact to request for a supporting letter?

Attached picture of the car's commissioning plate (I masked VIN number for privacy reason) - for reference.

Thank you very much ! 

Commision Plate masked.jpg

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Right beside where the embossed "504" is below the riveted plate, you should scrape the paint away and take the filler out because that is where the chassis number is cold-stamped into the bodyshell.  When someone has gone to the trouble of removing the VIN from the shell in this way, it usually means that the car has been illegally renumbered, possibly following a theft or loss of ownership papers.

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Not anymore but yes for a time you failed the inspection if the car had no VIN stamped, stamping one yoursef is obviously illegal but it was the only workaround.

That was dumb but they "fixed" their mistake in an even dumber way ; they should have exempted the cars manufactured before 1981 right?

Instead they exempted cars older than 30 years... so each year there is a new batch of cars that, for no good reason, can pass the inspection with no VIN stamped.

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I remember as a child, renault 4 has no stamp vin numbers, people would tack off the vin plate that is hold on with 4 metal tabs and transfer it to a good shell and have a good car again haha.

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