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1964 Tour PX10


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This looks like a dead forum, but I found it because I just bought a mint 1989 205 GTi 1.9. In 2016 I built from scratch the 1964 Tour de France PX10 ridden by Tommy Simpson (not the fateful Tour). Here is the database of parts, I have since changed parts to be even more period, like a simplex seat post, delrin derailleur, etc. 

In the last year I also bought a new old stock Comete. It is a beautiful bike. Here are pictures of both.


ScreenHunter 521.jpg

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On 3/22/2020 at 11:16 PM, my3AWDgst said:

Welcome ?

^^^those are absolutely beautiful 

Thanks ! If you're in Portland you can ride one of these or both or drive my 205, if I have it some day. The ports have halted shipment, I hope they keep track of it. If I am in Sacramento, I must drive your Mi16 ! Here is my ex.. 


ScreenHunter 532.jpg

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Beautiful! I also own a PX10, a later model that I’m restoring. Sadly, someone chose to powder coat the frame, applied more modern 80s decals. The chrome was removed when it was powder coated. They did return the wine cork to the fork crown though...

It always inspires me when I see nice original examples to persevere with the resto. 

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