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Thanks Mike!

Site was disabled by the host because of some server load issues, so I took took it as a sign that I needed to migrate the site to the new URL rather than restore the old URL.  Plus it was great timing to start 2020 on the new URL!

Hopefully there won't be much for issues, but so far so good!  Even the e-mail notifications seem to be working better.  :)




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V-M!  So glad to have you post as well - It’s been a long time!  

I was actually debating on letting the site shut down, but I just couldn’t do it.  I’ve since doubled down on even more cool stuff for my cars and I wanted to detail the builds here once I get my garage done.

I think you’re going to like the new mods - I’m going all in as they say and upgraded the plan substantially.

I promised myself that I won’t post anything until I’m actually working on the cars, but I’ve also got a new project that will be worked on first - It’s a locost v8 build with a Ford 302 and 5sp.  Track only for now - but I cannot wait!  

The Peugeot’s will now be tow cars, but the 89’ will still see some track days.






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As I sayed needed to slow a bit things, but things started to hit me. And it did get even worse (some might think this negative way) :D I went crazy and bought this from

Japan last summer. maserati 3200gt. Will continue with 505 next summer but I need to reduce my 505 parts storage with strong hand 🤣

But its very good at you decide to keep this up and running. I was allready worried a bit when I did not find site. We are not many in globally having this 505 hobby.


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Beautiful!  That sound must be amazing - nobody does it better than the Italians.  :)

I've also had to take a STRONG hand with many of my parts I've horded over the years, but thankfully my friend Hugh is even more Peugeot crazy than I am, so I borrowed my sister's truck and a large trailer and I took all my PRV V6 stuff to him.  Freed up a LOT of space, and thankfully I didn't have to throw anything out.  I might have to give up on my diesel cars as well so I can properly focus on the turbo cars - but will make that call this summer.  I've promised myself no more storing of cars - they either are functional, or I have space for them at home.

Most important will be to finish my garage.  I have a fair bit of work to do for the garage to be complete, but once done I'll be able to make great progress on my projects going forward.

Very much looking forward to you getting back to your 505's V-M!  I have you to thank as well as I was able to confirm with Art at ARP that the Porsche 944 ARP head stud kit 204-4211 will work on the N9TE with stock 944 head stud nuts like you did on your motor.  (ordering the kit was way easier.)  I now have a Cometic head gasket, and a set of ARP studs to install on my 505 Turbo SW8...  :D  It's also getting a simple standalone ECU, 465cc/min injectors, and a custom T3/T4 turbo... My 89 505 5sp sedan is getting the NEW stuff and will get worked on next winter if all goes with with the SW8.







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