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Peugeot-L e-mail distribution list moving!!

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Hi all,

I finally am able to announce that the migration from yahoo groups to the new Peugeot-L distribution list on canam-peugeot.com is a success.  Big thanks to Senen and Radu for all the help, and to Hugh for some beta testing.  :)

All the historic content all the way back to 1999 is there in the archive, so I wanted to make the announcement and provide some instructions to subscribe.  I've also included the welcome message on the description page which has some donation info provided for those that asked (and are most appreciated!).

Feel free to make your first post an introductory post!  If you have any problems at all just send me the e-mail you want to subscribe with and I can help you out.
Peugeot-L first started way back in May 1995 as a means of communication for North American Peugeot owners wanting help, information, or just an exchange of ideas relating to all things Peugeot (but not limited to just Peugeot).  Primarily made up of North American Peugeot enthusiasts, we welcome all Peugeot enthusiasts and have contributors from around the World. 

To join the new list you must first subscribe to it:  (Receive list emails, read the messages on the web, or to message the list)


- http://list.canam-peugeot.com/listinfo.cgi/peugeot-l-canam-peugeot.com
- Go to the center of the page to find the "Subscribing to Peugeot-L" section, and subscribe to the list.
- You will receive a confirmation e-mail that needs to be acknowledged, and once it's verified you will receive a welcome message.
- Once you receive the welcome message you will be able to send messages to the list e-mail.
- Subscribers are encouraged to post an introduction giving their background and interest in Peugeot.
- If you have a question to ask, or information to share, send a message to the list.

Donations to help fund the new list can be made via PayPal (https://paypal.me/canampeugeot?locale.x=en_US) or via eTransfer (for Canadians) to [email protected]


505turbo.com & Canam-Peugeot.com 
Administrator and longtime list member

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