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Hello from Germany

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Hi guys,

I'm from Germany and finally I bought a 1987 505 Turbo. Attached you can see the beauty. I also got a second motor for this one. This car is running as a historical car in Germany so I should keep it stock or at least the modifications should be done with parts from around 87. So for this reason I will leave the outside like it is, maybe a litte lowering.

But, since my other car is a modified Mitsubishi EVO IX this one should become some more power as well.

My plan is to build up the block with forged rods and pistons, to optimize the head and  to build a custom header to fit a bigger turbo. To keep it stock, at least the look, I want to keep the Jetronic for idle and half load. For more I want to install additional injectors and an additional injector controller. Does anyone here have a setup like this?

Can someone tell me how much torque the drivetrain can handle? Are there any limits for gearbox and so on?






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Welcome Muddy!

This has been bench raced on here for MANY MANY years, but only a few have modified their cars like this, but power and dyno details are lacking.

Search Tama username and his car is likely the best documented or V-M username.  Tama has a custom block using Volvo pistons, and Saab rods with Megasquirt.

Keebs is another that build custom exhaust manifold, and custom intake manifold.

To answer your question the transmission and diff are said to be good to ~400 lb*ft of torque, but again not tested.

Personally I think using the piggy back controller for extra fueling is a dangerous plan.  I’m going with a full standalone on my 505 SW8 Turbo wagon as an experiment (SDS efi EM-4F), and if all goes well, I will get something even more sophisticated for my 89’ 505 Turbo 5sp.

You have a BEAUTIFUL 505 Turbo by the way - it looks in fantastic shape!  More pictures please. :)


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You can hide an aftermarket ECU inside the Jetronic box.

The N9TEA 175hp cat engine is using a Bosch EZK ignition with knock sensor and boost control so as long as you find some EZK tuner you can keep it.

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Thanks a lot guys! I'm sure I will have a lot of technical questions during the next time. So the 505 still has some issues like the tachometer, boost gauge and fuel gauge doesn't work and the roof makes a lot of noise while moving. So first of all I will fix all this. This will happen during spring next year. Until then the car will stay in a hall during winter about 100km from my home. But I will start collecting information and parts and then I want to start working on the second motor.

Here is one more picture from the inside. This also looks still very good. I'm very happy because this car is very rare in Germany and the few which are available from time to time mostly are in a bad condition.


Of course I like AWD as well, especially when it's fired by a 4g63 :-)




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