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Joe Ernest

XD3T AFM & Electronics - plea for information

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The XD3T(E?) in my 1986 505 SW TD has an air flow meter attached to the air filter box, with electrical connections.

The mechanic is quite surprised and puzzled by the presence of electronics on what appeared to be a plain old IDI turbo-diesel engine.  He is ferreting around above the glove box to see if there is some kind of ECU under there. His Mitchell Technical Manual has very limited info on the 505. He has asked me to get information on the system and electronics on the engine so he can trouble shoot and repair as needed.  Somewhere on this site there was a mention of a Rotodiesel VE electronic system with AFM, accelerator pedal electronics, on the 1987 505 GLS TD,  but that's all I found. 

Can anyone share information on this system/electronics? Or point me to where I might find it?

Thank you for your help ............. JoE

Bosch 0 281 002 008 elec-trical-tronic connection.jpg

Bosch 0 281 002 008.jpg

Bosch 285 501.jpg

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I'll take a look at mine to see if I can see if mine is hooked up.  I thought it was odd as well on my car since it's a mechanical system, but it might have to do with EGR or possibly warm up?

Now I'm curious!  Haha.


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