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Need tiny dog-bone

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Hi all,

I'm putting my door back together.  Dynamat Extreme.  Nice stuff, but boy, if I ever have to go back in there, it's gonna be tough.  I don't think you're going to be re-using it.

Anyway, I was having an intermittent problem which turned out to be a dry-solder joint.  Soldered those back and it looks like I'm good to go.

However, I lost one of the little 5mm x 1.4mm little copper connectors that look like a dog bone.

If you have a complete unit, I'd like to buy it.  If you just have a roached one, I'll buy that too.

Plus, I have one for a series I car if someone needs it.

Let me know.



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Naaah, I got one from Brian H and it was a turd also.  

It's kinda ghetto to have to manually pop the mirrors in place. The car is supposed to be a luxury GT sedan.  😁

I'm thinking I should reverse-engineer the requirements and put a modern switch into there.  It's actually pretty complicated.  Bigger fish to fry at present on the car.

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