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Removing and reinstalling window trim piece

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There are three clips on the back on the trim piece (pictures 2 & 3).


There is a small ramp on which those clips grab the mounting rail.  Arrows in this picture.

Carefully (with a pick or something) pry it away from the rail.  No need to force anything.  It'll come easily.



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Why do this?

Vinyl wrapped some of the chrome pieces in matt-black Avery.  Previous owner did a black-out with paint.  This looks a bit better and is non-destructive.

I also wrapped and installed new taillights (wrapped the chrome). 

Actually, the "chrome over plastic" is a manufacturing process called vacuum metalization.  The capitalization costs are huge (large vacuum machine costs > $500K, etc) so getting plastic pieces 'rechromed' as it were, is almost impossible.




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