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XD3T Injection Pump reseal/ rebuild. XD3T workshop manu

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Hi All 

The IP on my XD3T is leaking at the body halves seam. Can you recommend a reseller or rebuild?  (8v of fury?)

Can anyone share the sequence and details of the IP R&R procedure,  steps, torque settings etc?

Is there a vendor who sells XD3T workshop manuals (Haynes?)     Or.                                           Is there an online resource for manuals in pdf?



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"If you have the means..." as they say:


The guy that did mine isn't doing them anymore, but Giles is known worldwide for his Bosch VE builds.  With the better exchange rate I'd highly recommend him for the IP and injector rebuilds.


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Thank you to all who took the time to reply.

I have followed the links, downloaded the PDFs and OCRd those that weren't. I've also extracted to separate files individual pages related to XD3T Injection pumps, and translated those pages to English and recombined them to single PDFs. These English pages lack the figures of the original French and Spanish pages, but together sense can be made of them. 

If anyone would like the OCRd files and the translated files I'd be happy to send them along.

Thank you again.......JoE

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I actually have them from Joe - I set up a Downloads section on the site, but the uploads are tedious - Gotta find a better way to do it.

I’m 4 months into an office reno, so I’ve had no time yet for website stuff, but I’m *almost* done and can hopefully get back to some fun stuff.


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