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Mi16 Purchased and One Week Later Rally

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I purchased my 1991 Mi16 one week prior to leaving on a 1200 mile rally in which the car was to be abused properly. Tons of twisty turns at the limit, and the car handled it all flawlessly. With 206K miles in the clock, but with a rebuilt engine at 178K, I was confident I would have no engine problem. Being a first time French car owner, I was nervous....if something broke no part would be available surely. But alas nothing even remotely went wrong (lost the wire from the oil temp gauge but gave it a squeeze and popped it back on the sender and off I went). What a car...it was quick purchase and I really enjoyed the car, I will be fixing some things that I think need attention. Probably soon to pass it on but not before some more enjoyment. What a car. ??????







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One of the best handling fwd chassis ever, so you may regret moving it on.  :)

What was the rally called?  I've been wanting to do a few of these driving events, but have yet to experience one.


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