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Larry Reinecke

1983 505 & 1982 604 +Engines, Parts, Manuals

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Selling my friend's Peugeot collection for his widow.  2 diesel cars, 604 with engine installed (was running when it was parked in the shop a couple of years ago...), and a 505 with the engine removed.  Includes (2) diesel engines in the shop (minus the stands), many, many extra parts and a good selection of manuals.  Asking $2700.00 for the whole collection.  I am no Peugeot expert by any means, so please peruse the photos I have included and feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to provide reasonable answers.  I'm really hoping this collection can go to someone who will appreciate it!  Reasonable offers considered.  Thanks, Larry



























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Thanks for the location Larry.  I'm assuming the 505 is a parts car for the 604 as it looks like it'd be a lot of work to save.  

The 604 however looks in amazing shape.  It would be ideal if you could take pictures to verify it's rust free.  It should also be a 5sp, but the year would help figure out what motor should be in it.  Head should have a casting number on it saying XD2 or XD3.



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The 604 is a 1982 model.  I stopped by this evening, but couldn't get the hood open by myself because it didn't want to pop up on its own when I pulled the hood release.  It was too dark out to get good pictures of the wheel wells of the car, but I was able to get a decent look at it and could not see any rust.  Known issues with this car: driver's door doesn't want to open, the linkage is messed up somehow, brakes are quite draggy at the moment, battery is totally dead, even with a charge it didn't want to turn the starter or run the power windows.  Yes, it is a 5 speed.

As to the 505, to the best of my knowledge all it needed was a running engine to be road-worthy. The paint on that car has a few issues, but I haven't spotted any obvious body damage.  It is my intention to sell both cars, the parts, engines and manuals as a complete lot, rather than try to break up the collection.

Thanks for you interest, and I will try to get some better pictures of the engine in the car as well as the two in the shop for identification purposes.


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Hi Larry - thanks for the update.  1982 likely means a XD2S Turbo diesel (2.3L) with a Bosch VE injection pump.

As for more pictures:  If you can take pictures of all 4 lower door seams, both side of engine compartment, dog legs inside rear doors, and inside trunk without the matt or carpet - that should show how rust free the car is.  

I wish I was in the market as I have a beautifully running 1986 505 TD 5sp that would make that 604 right.   I did forward it to a friend though who might be interested. 



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Hi Larry!


I'm looking for this parts if your welling to sell 😉 It is for a 1986 (serie 2) with BLUE interior 😉

- little plastic cap located on steering column under the light switch
- driver armrest

-driver armrest trim (around the door handle)

- passenger front armrest's clip (with hold the armrest to the door)
- the two A-post liners
- steering wheel center car (with lion emblem)
- the four hub-caps
- front map light unit 
- the front passenger clip that holds the armrest.
- working clock


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Do you ship to Norway?

I'm looking for the car door weather guards (not sure if thats the correct name for it?) 

Sedan. All four of them. They are easy to detach.

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