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Front of engine mounted sensors.

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While repairing the electrical lead to the oil pressure sensor on the Mi 16 I spotted another sensor next to it on the front of the engine above the oil filter/cooler.  It sort of looks like it has a diaphragm like a fuel pressure regulator. It doesn't appear to be connected to anything. Does anyone know what it does?


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The big one is for the oil pressure gauge, the small one is for the warning light ; there is also a oil level sensor on the back.

I think only the BX GTI / 16 Soupapes used them all with the oil pressure gauge displaying the oil level at each engine start.

On the back of the mk1 405 instrument cluster you can see that at some point they planned to use a 4th gauge under the rev counter, they did it later on the T16 and the 306.

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