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1966 404 Coupé Injection Restoration

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I picked up the vapour blasted parts this afternoon and took a few more photos.  Very clean; the throttle body was disassembled by me for internal cleaning as well as the installation of new bearings.

Driving the old ones out was easy - remove two circlips on the shaft end, remove the throttle spring holder from the shaft after marking its position, unscrew the 4 staked screws on either side that hold the bearings, tap the shaft out with  brass drift, tap the bearings out with a perfectly sized brass drift (there is the smallest of shoulders available to do that).

After its cleaned up I will reassemble it with the new bearings that you see in one of the photos.  The old ones were shot, damaged by road salt I presume.

Throttle body 2.jpg

Purflux 1.jpg

Throttle Body apart.jpg

Timing cover blasted.jpg

Intake system 1.jpg

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Throttle body is reassembled.  The screws were staked at the factory because the distance between the two plates determines the clearance between the throttle body and the throttle plate.  The large round inserts assure the air seal.  I didn't stake the screws but I did put blue Loctite on them.  The plates are snug to the throttle body but the screws are not "tight" but just touching the chamfered recesses in the two plates.  Now that it is all together, the throttle action is magnificently smooth!

I also took the wrong fuel filter for blasting so the vapour blaster guy will do the "correct" one for free on Wednesday!  The inside of the filter bowl that he blasted has severe rust pitting and the "correct" one does not. 

Throttle plate partialy assembled.jpg

Throttle Body reassembled.jpg

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Good point.

The first Purflux fuel filter assembly I had vapour blasted was the wrong one (from a wreck that had a lot of undrained water inside it) and it had very deep pitting cavities inside the bowl as a result. So the blasting shop offered to do another better one. This happened today and the result is much better mainly because the inside of the canister was far less affected by corrosion. You can see both here, with the better canister on the far right.

Purflux filters.jpg

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I got my second set of 0.5 mm oversized main bearings from Israel today.  The first set (with the half red/half blue label) from Peugeot Classic in France had chattering marks on two or three of the shells from improper storage in the distant past.  The Israel-sourced ones are excellent!

0.5 mm oversized mains Israel.jpg

0.5 mm oversized mains.jpg

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My 404's original heater tube, which takes hot coolant from the water pump to the heater core is beyond repair.  The carbureted engines have a similar tube but its secondary water outlet is in a totally different location.  However, the only new one available is for the carbureted engine, so I bought one of them at DEPANOTO and will have it modified in a local welding shop to adapt to the Injection engine format. 

Heater tube 2.jpg

Heater Tube 1.jpg

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I had the old bit of pipe that leads to the injection system thermostat (cold start/supplemental air valve) cut off the old pipe and welded to the new one.  The extra take-off on the shank (for the carbureted car) is still there but I will block it off with a rubber dead end clamped to it.

Modified heater pipe.jpg

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