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Mike T

1966 404 Coupé Injection Restoration

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Still oil-related, this arrived from Sochaux this morning.  I have another shipment of stuff arriving probably next week. 

Oil pump filter 2.jpg

Oil Pump filter new 1.jpg

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I had to pay $82 to bail this new old stock camshaft out of the post office:

Coated in the usual preservative, looking good.

Camshaft new.jpg

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I ordered some 0.5 mm oversized main bearings sent from Peugeot but they sent the wrong ones - three main bearing lead-Indium 404 Injection mains 0.3 mm oversized (visible in the photo).  So the correct ones have been sent today, and it seems they don't want the incorrect ones back.  Also in the shipment were the things in the photo.  New stainless steel instrument panel trim for when I eventually build the Jaeger sports instrument panel, plus a spare oil pressure sending unit.

In the bag are some original type small diameter hose clamps for the heater hoses.

I also got some English language owners manuals of cars I've had (404C, but with carbureted engine) or wanted (504C). The latest bit (504 C owners manual, La Production Peugeot 1963 and a first edition 404 Cabriolet French language owners manual should be here soon.

I will work on extracting the sludge trap plugs from the crankshaft this weekend. Likely have to drill all 4 out.

A set of the missing brass banjo fittings for the front drums has been sent by a kind soul in France, a 404 Club member - free! I'll send him something as a thank you.

Sochaux parts.jpg

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