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Injection Pump Tech Spec

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Yesterday morning, one of the injectors failed and filled up the first cylinder with fuel.  I was able to make it home, and when I got back from work, tried to start the car.  It started but smoked a lot, then quit, as the first cylinder hydro-locked.  Pulled the injectors out today, I am hoping this is the last of the biodiesel problems.  The rubber was all eaten up, so I am not certain what the insides will be like.  When the car was running it was running rough, but did not sound like a bent rod or anything so here's to hoping it fixes this problem!

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I'd suggest pulling all 4 and have them cleaned and pop pressure tested.  If nozzles have poor spray pattern, they may need to be replaced as well...

Hydro locked cylinder should be fine - diesels have crazy strong rods and pistons, and the way it died and locked up I'd say you were fine.

Would highly recommend changing oil as well.


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