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306 Shock Absorbers to 405

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Hey guise,

As we all know front is pretty high on 405's and for some of us as my self lowering springs leave enough of unwanted gap between fender and the tire. In todays world we call that "unacceptable wheel gap". Coilovers are the answer,however for some of us they may be too rough for daily driving. 

Second option is explained and described below.

For quite some time now I've been searching for different alternatives and found needed answers on 205 GTI forum. I'll copy and paste link as well,moderators please make this sticky.

Yes, 306 suspension fits. Well, the front shocks do. Initially I fitted PH1 Citroen Xsara front shocks and -35mm apex springs. The xsara shocks are already an inch shorter than 405, therefore -35mm - 1" lowering. I have a picture of the difference in shocks actually. The front shocks have the tabs on them for Droplinks, you can grind them off, i ground off the tabs on the xsara shocks but i've left them on the g-maxx shocks as i didnt want to de-value the brand new kit. 
The 306 REAR shocks use a 12mm and 14mm bolt hole. The 405 uses 16mm bolts so the tubes need to be removed from the rear shocks and fitted with 16mm tubes. Obviously when you do this you'll destroy the bushes, so... I'm currently mid-flow sourcing the stuff to cast my own polyurythene shock bushes, however, i recently found that i think Saxo/106 powerflex rear axle bushes will fit the g-maxx shocks, then i just need to get a peice of 16mm tube into each one. May need to trim down the powerflex bits, but thats only last resort if casting my own bushes doesnt work. 


Link below is this same topic on 205 GTI forum.


You are welcome :-) long live SavoSpec :-)

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