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Wanted: Blue interior pieces 83 505 / Shifter Plate, Climate trim, etc

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My 83 505 Turbodiesel has some faded (and broken) blue interior bits -- Looking for someone who has proper blue pieces that they'd be willing to sell!

I need:

-Blue Shifter Plate for 3-speed Automatic

* Mine is Cracked and also one half of the top plate is broken/missing! (refer to pics as reference) .. this piece is currently not faded, but i'd need to make sure its replacment part is still Blue in color.

-HVAC trim piece (piece that goes around perimeter of Climate box, and also covers the "sides")

* Mine has faded to a greenish-blue-grey, and is cracked in spots (pics attached for reference)

-Glove Box (?) - Mine is simply faded and I'm looking for proper blue colored one.


I'm located in Oregon






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welcome, miles!

i don't have any of those parts, since my 505 was a series 2 (86+), but i've seen some of them used/NOS online so i'll keep my eyes open and let you know if i see them. you can also check with brian holm, rob courtier, etc.

how's the rest of the car look? we always enjoy looking at pics of peugeots, if you want to post them...


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Although not broken or faded,, its missing a tab on the upper portion that recesses into the HVAC control faceplate. It was fine when I removed it as the entire surround trim is supported in place from the bottom and side screws.


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