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Potential new bike build

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As many of you know, I was hit by a car the other week whilst riding my '84 Canyon Express. I had the bike professionally appraised and settled with the driver's insurance already. I'm happy with the result.

This leaves me with a bike that I'm rather attached to, but damaged enough to be unrideable. The big glitch is the frame is bent... It isn't bad, but it was enough to chip the paint (that's how I knew it was bent), and the rear brake caliper is all out of alignment. I'm fairly certain the bend is limited to the seat stays, but the chain stays may have also take a bit of a tweak.

A while back I saw a bike that someone had customized by completely murdering it out. That is to say, everything was done up in satin black. It was a fixie as well (not something I'm interested in), but overall it was just this basic clean mean looking bike. I'm contemplating seeing if I can get the frame on my Canyon Express straightened, and if so, I'm going to go all satin black, though I'm keeping it an 18 speed, or perhaps a 21 speed if I upgrade the rear.

I'll go with what the bike shop says as far as straightening safety is concerned, but I wanted to get some feedback here first: Has anyone had a frame straightened and 1) Does it cost a lot, and 2) How trustworthy is it (assuming it's minor).

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Pictures would tell a better story. If the tube hasn't been dented, and the bend hasn't happened at a joint - I would say it's perfectly fine to straighten.

I don't think I posted pics of my MTB - it's an old Gary Fisher bike that I've upgraded to v-brakes and rapid shifters. I painted it satin black and had custom gold standing lion vinyl done up for it. :)


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Yup, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I have been following the threads and have been lazy about posting my collection. I've been scouring the garage sales and its amazing what's out there in terms of a "bang for the buck".

I've been sourcing all sorts of things for a song. A neato indoor trainer for $5!

I'm covered in terms of racks. Saris, Thule and Yakima.

I will get some pics with the bikes loaded onto both the sedan and wagon 505's.

Aluminum frames have come a long way in a short time. I'd really be tempted to rebadge something using existing parts.

When I took a philosophy course at Ohio State in the 80's, I remember the question that was posed about if you have a bicycle and replace parts, is it the same bicycle, or a different bike?

I don't remember getting an answer to the question. My inclination was that its the same bike.


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