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PRV engine with VEMS and Bosch coil pack


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After 2 years I have completed my stage 0 and ready to proceed with the upgrades. Three year plan is to first install VEMS standalone with the Bosch 2x3 coilpack, port heads, valve and cam regrind, build bottom of engine and final stage is forced induction.

I purchased the VEMS unit from Lugtronics http://www.lugtronic.com/ with the Bosch 2x3 coilpack, wideband O2 sensor, 1 EGT input, internal 4 bar MAP, two knock sensor inputs, SD logging and USB port. The unit will come with a base tune and support. I chose lugtronics due to Kevin Black's reputation and his support with tuning/dyno after the install.

First step for the install I need to either install a primary 60-2 trigger wheel or determine if the OEM crank sensor can be used with the VEMS. Determine if the sensors will need to be changed or use OEM. Unit comes with a unterminated harness and that will have to be wired. After the unit is running I will need to upgrade the injector nozzles

The initial goal is to get the unit installed with stock motor. Goal of 200HP with heads and cam, and 300HP with forced induction. I may consider the Rotrex C30-94 SC with no intercooler after the ECU with low boost of 6 pounds and have the engine built if I push boost beyond that. From my research I think the drive drain can support 400 HP if the drive shaft is fixed as Steward has shown.

Any advice and help would be greatly apprectiated. I specifically need to determine 1) can the existing crank position sensor be used 2) optimal cam regrind/profile. 3) Porting profile for the head 4) size and make of injectors that I will need.

Interesting sites on other forums regarding this topic



Check out the price of a Delorean PRV twin turbo



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Alpine-Renault and Venturi used turbocharged versions of that engine (up to 3 liters in the Venturi Atlantique if I recall), so that may be a good place to start if you want a cam grind specific for forced induction.

For what it's worth, I like the idea of supercharging the engine. For one, I think it's the only thing that will fit in the engine bay. The single "hot vee" turbo probably wouldn't clear the hood, and twin turbos are probably out of the question as the stock exhaust manifolds are a tight squeeze as it is.

I'm excited to see how this project comes together

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In my area there is no emission testing so that is not an issue.


I am also leaning toward the SC as it will be linear power and more gentle on the drive train and power in the lower revs.

The camshaft is tricky as my final stage is to super charge but that may be a few years. DPI has performance cams for $600. I have read where the odd fire and even fire cams are interchangeable. A lot of discussion on the Aussie forms and Crow Cams had done some custom ones down under.

I will check the the turbo profiles and see whether to buy or have my cams reground.


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As far as I know, the odd and even fire cams should be compatible. The major differences between the two engines is of course the crankshaft (major difference!) and the even fire has that balance shaft assembly on one of the heads. I wonder how smooth the engine runs without the balance shaft? A common modification on race prepped Honda engines is to delete the balance shaft(s). Reduces inertia and sometimes makes it safer to rev the engine higher.

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I have two cars and one engine on a stand. The plan is to have one stock close to the Danielson v6 (200 HP) and the second DD/track with forced induction ( 300 HP). This will allow me to experiment a little such as the balance shafts.


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