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Damn biking is expensive!

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I got a puncture on the second day of riding to work, so popped into the local LBS to get a tube and look at new helmets.

My old Specialized helmet I loved, but after 14 years I lost the visor, padding was disintegrating, and the plastic shell just started to fracture. They sold me a nice display model Specialized S3 in matt black.

Wow - has the fitment systems in the good mid line helmets ever gotten nice. Really like the new helmet, and while I would have preferred something brighter for visibility, I can likely just add some refectivity tape to it.


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My manager at work thinks I've lost my mind. He's a cyclist and is the one that sort of steered me into cycling back when I had to stop running (due to injuries). But seeing me now with three bikes, talking bike lingo, etc, he's a bit worried! Haha

I will say that one thing I like about collecting and working on pedal bikes versus motor bikes is that it is much less expensive. And it takes up less space :)

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