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Important information -- read this before you post!


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This forum is intended to be a place where members can list items that they are offering for sale; this includes items that they have made themselves or that they have commissioned for manufacture. It does not include NOS (new old stock) Peugeot factory parts or other NOS aftermarket parts for our cars.

Another important idea behind this forum is that you have more than one unit to sell. It's acceptable to post here if you only make one unit at a time, or if you are in a prototype or beta stage, but the idea is that the items offered here are not one-time sales -- those are best listed elsewhere on this site. Posts made to gauge interest for potential production are also acceptable.

"Member Vendors" includes individuals or companies offering unique parts for our cars; our regular vendors are not excluded, as long as the items they sell here meet the above criteria. Items that are not appropriate for this forum can be sold in the For Sale/Want Ads forum or in one's own vendor forum (if you have one). If you'd like additional clarification, please ask!

When you post offering items for sale, please include the following information:

1) detailed product description and as many photos as possible

2) cost (please specify which currency)

3) shipping options or restrictions if applicable

4) links to any external websites featuring your product (not required)

5) your location

6) information on how to contact you -- for example, an email address or an indication that you'd like to receive a PM (personal message) through this forum

other members will be able to comment or ask questions or review your product in the thread


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