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405 Mi16 specs

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This is for a North American spec Mi16

1905cc DOHC liquid cooled 16 valve inline 4 cylinder

Light alloy block and head

Forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods

Full floating wrist pins

83mm bore X 88mm stroke

9.5:1 (sometimes called 9.7:1) compression ratio

most overseas sources claim a 7300 RPM rev limiter

150 bhp @ 6400 RPM

128 lbs/ft @ 5000 RPM

Tubular eight port exhaust header

Cast Aluminum four port intake manifold

Single throttle body with dual throttle plates

Bosch Motronic M1.3 engine management with knock sensor

"Distributor-less" ignition system (only a cap and rotor driven by

intake cam)

5 speed manual transmission

1st 2.92

2nd 1.85

3rd 1.28

4th 0.97

5th 0.76

Final 4.43



1989 195/60 VR 14 6Jx14

1991-1992 195/55 VR 15 6Jx15



Four wheel disc brakes (Girling calipers) with dynamic rear brake


Bosch 4 channel/4 circuit ABS system


1989 optional

1991-1992 standard



Unitized steel

Front suspension


"Modified" MacPherson strut assemblies with lower control arms, ball

joints, and an anti-roll bar

Rear suspension


Torsion bar springs with Peugeot shock absorbers, trailing arms, and

an anti-roll bar

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