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Found 12 results

  1. Good Day. New to the Peugeot community. I found this car with a friend and knew it needed to be shared. My friend will probably be posting it on the Facebook group as I don't have Facebook. The story behind this car is short. You would think a car of this age would have some history and stories. Not this one. It has one story, from one day as that's all it was driven after being purchased. The original owner purchased the car in 1975 after getting a new job. He brought the car home, parked it in the garage and that's where it remained. One problem... he did not have a driver's license. The car remained in the same place until yesterday (May 12, 2020), one spot for 45 years. the mileage on the car? 51 miles. 29 Miles on the trip-odometer. Now I am not a Peugeot person but I am a car person (mainly into VW and Mopar) and knew that a car with this story needed to be taken care of, shared, and not sent to it's demise. I have taken a number of Pictures to document the car, going to upload a few tonight. Quick question: I have no keys to the car, but I can get a parts 1972 504. Can i take the ignition switch out of that car and use it in this one? Thanks, Nick Vancouver.
  2. Selling my friend's Peugeot collection for his widow. 2 diesel cars, 604 with engine installed (was running when it was parked in the shop a couple of years ago...), and a 505 with the engine removed. Includes (2) diesel engines in the shop (minus the stands), many, many extra parts and a good selection of manuals. Asking $2700.00 for the whole collection. I am no Peugeot expert by any means, so please peruse the photos I have included and feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to provide reasonable answers. I'm really hoping this collection can go to someone who will appreciate it! Reasonable offers considered. Thanks, Larry
  3. Hi all. I'd like to introduce my '82 604 TD. I've know about this car for several years now since meeting a collector named Scott, who lives near Edmonton, AB. I'd seen it a few times while visiting his place, sat in it and made vroom noises, etc. AFAIK it's a California car that somehow made it up here where it was bought by Scott's friend Richard - a French car mechanic and former dealer of such fine cars as Peugeots and Ladas. Richard used it for a number of years as his holiday car due to its superior long-distance comfort and fuel economy (37 mph recorded on the trip out). It was generally garaged so didn't suffer the usual fate of old Pugs driven in rusty climates. It was eventually sidelined due to some clutch issue. Scott picked it up quite a few years ago as a someday project, and continued to store it inside until his new shop kicked it out a year or two ago. This is how it looked when Scott first picked it up, and it looked essentially the same whenever I saw it. I was at Scott's last Christmas and saw it again, so once my Traction Avant sold we made a deal that I'd pick it up provided he could get it sorted to the point where it could make the trip out, be reasonably assured of passing out-of-province, and in a perfect world, qualify for collectors plates. And oh yes, it should be out in time to run in a local vintage rally called the Spring Thaw. So Scott got to work. It finally made it into the shop a couple of weeks ago. and things escalated quickly... This wasn't the original plan, but the car had been resprayed once, and when the side mouldings came off some of the old paint came with it. Combine fixing that with blending in the various spots that did need touching up, and Scott opted to do the sides and front. A bit of bodywork followed to correct some past weirdness, but it was quite straight and no signs of big hits or ugly rust. Meanwhile, mechanical things happened too. The mystery clutch problem was identified as a failed master cylinder, so Scott rebuilt both master and slave. He also did the brakes, fuel lines, old rubber bits under the hood, etc. Biggest job was rebuilding the front struts. Hugh Logie noted that these are rebuildable, but the skillset generally isn't around so people throw in replacement cartridges which ruin the drive. You don't try to second guess French automotive engineers. Luckily Richard is one of those rare people with both the skills and surplus parts to do the rebuild.
  4. Looking to buy 1977 to 1981 Peugeot diesel restorable up to mint 504 or 404
  5. I need help. I have a 1981 Peugeot 505 Diesel. About 2 weeks ago it started stalling intermittently while I was driving it. Some days it has been fine and other days it has stalled 4 or 5 times. I have taken it to my Peugeot mechanics about 5 times and they have tried everything they can think of to fix it, but it keeps stalling. They say they can't "diagnose" what the problem is unless they can examine it when it stalls. But every time I take it to them, it works fine! They take it for test drives, I take it for test drives, and it works perfectly. It only stalls when I have to be somewhere at a certain time! If you experienced such a problem in the past and someone was able to "diagnose" and "cure" it, please let me know. Thanks.
  6. Looking to buy an operational sedan. I live in California and Nevada but am willing to visit most anywhere to check out a car. Preferably diesel/manual transmission and interior in pretty good condition. Even if the car does not fall between 79-86 or is not diesel/manual I may still be interested. Please contact at 702-427-2393 or [email protected]
  7. Hey All, This is my first post. The car I'm talking about is a '82 Turbo Diesel with 120k miles. I believe this is the XD2S engine. Back story: my uncle purchased this car for a female cousin of mine and it ran well with no known issues for 3 years. Another male cousin jumped in it and drove 80 (128kph) on the freeway and according to him the dipstick popped out and drained the engine of oil. I don't even know how long it ran like this but now the engine has a noticeable knock. They took it to a mechanic and had a compression test which was within the original specs. That leaves me to suspect the rod bearing has worn. Now my female cousin moved to a volvo and now my uncle wants to sell the car. I've offered $1100 for it and I think he might take the bait but I also want to know a little bit more about what I'm getting into. I plan to use some oil additives to see if I can help smooth out anything and I will be pulling the oil pan to look for shavings. But, in case it is a worst case scenario, does anyone know where I can get a crankshaft, 4 pistons and 4 bearings? I took a video of the engine while running but it's hard to hear the knock. http://youtu.be/94j8Qjc4avQ
  8. Hi everyone. Sorry if this is too much of a newbie question but were Peugeot diesels offered in the US between 1989 and 1991? I've read a dozen wikis and fan sites and I can't seem to suss out an answer. I know very, very few Peugeots were sold in the US towards the end of the run here -- is it even possible to find these cars for sale anymore?
  9. Hi guys, I've been doing a lot of research on my TD and I'd like to rebuild a spare set of injectors with some Monark SD 265 nozzles, with the break/pop pressure set to 160 bar. I've found one of the only sources for the nozzles to be www.mercedessource.com - but they only sell the SD 265 nozzles in sets of 5 or 6. If there are 2 more people interested we could buy 2x 6 sets and each get a set of 4. Please post / PM / contact me direct if you're interested in getting a set. (Or if you have a better source for the Monark 039 305 128 nozzles.) I'd use Bosch SD 265 nozzles if I could find a NOS set of French or German made ones. Rabin
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