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Found 1 result

  1. So..... I have three of these things. One in Canada that I rescued from being crushed in Moline, Illinois, and two sitting in storage in Liverpool, England. The 406 Coupe was styled, as well as assembled by Pininfarina. It was the last car that Pininfarina created for Peugeot, and I consider it their masterpiece. The one in Canada (at Cayley with most of my other Peugeots) is a 2000 2.0L 5-speed model, powered by the EW10J4 engine (137 bhp). It is an "S" trim level, with no sunroof, cloth seats, and 15" wheels. Basically, it's a "base" model, which still means it's very well equipped. It's painted in Ariane Blue (Bleu Riviera). The front and rear bumpers are cracked in several places, and it has some body damage on the right side. The interior is in excellent shape. So far, all I've done to it is replace the steering wheel with the Nardi that I originally bought for the 505 STX. It bolted right on and looks terrific. Here are a few pictures. It's a beautiful car (if a little rough) and it drives really well. But it weighs basically the same as a 505 and frankly it's underpowered with the EW10 engine. I became involved with an excellent UK 406 Coupe club, and in the process of seeking ways to source parts, support and upgrades for my 2.0, I became aware that these cars are very seriously undervalued in the UK at the moment. I was able to purchase two nice RHD models, almost identical in specification, very cheaply. Both are 5-speed cars powered by the 3.0L ES9J4 V6 (194 bhp). Both have sunroofs, and both are the same colour as the 2.0 I already had. I was looking for some commonality, because it is likely that two of these cars will become one at some point. Let me explain. It appears that it is relatively easy to change one of these cars from RHD to LHD. So, once I get the two RHD V6 cars home, I intend to have a good look and see if that's true. If so, the 2.0 will donate its LHD-specific parts to convert the better of the two UK cars. If it is not realistic, I will use the drivetrain from the rougher of the two UK cars to convert the 2.0 to a 3.0. Whichever way I go about it, the goal is to wind up with one LHD V6 Coupe, and I want to use this as the basis for a high-performance street car. I'll detail my plans for this build in a future comment on this thread. What will become of the others two cars? Rest assured that I have no plans to part out or scrap either one. I may sell one at some point to finance the performance build. At this point I have not made any decisions about that. Before I forget, here are some pictures of the UK cars in storage: Now, I just have to get them home.... More to come in the near future.
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