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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, Okay, so the thing is, in short form, I have installed a ZPJ V6 engine from 605 to 505 gti. And as I really dont know how common this particular engine swap is worldwide, and because I think many of you would like to see my version of it, I registered to this forum. The car had 2.0l ZEJ-engine as I got it. But lets begin with the project itself. So two years ago I bought a really nice looking 505 GTI from "not so convincing" owner. So the car was leaking gasoline and didnt start even after half minutes of start grinding, the electricity was done bad REALLY BAD, test drive was total disaster, but yet so hilarious as we saw that the previous owner didnt know anything about cars. But I was in love for the 505, especially for this one, hence the paintwork and additional lights and the price wasn't so bad, so I bought it. The price was tight, and it wasn't negotiable because "It would bring bad luck", said the previous owner. I can't even imagine what would happen if we had even slightest bad luck with us! So after we came down to our home city, the car almost bursted into flames.. There was smoke coming inside the interior carpet, luckily we managed to locate the faulty switch, that was the engine fan's on/off switch that the previous owner had re-located inside the cabin.. So now you see why I teared the whole car upside down to get rid of the sh*tty wiring and stuff. The whole car's electricity system was f**ked up, and I got two plastic bags of wires that I threw away. The wires were build following this rule: about 7 cm wire (3"), then a connector, and same again.. And the most of the connector's weren't even protected in any way! At this point, as most of the wires needed complete rebuild, I hit my eyes on my extra ZPJ engine, which I had bought for spareparts to my 605 SV 3.0. So that's where everything started. First of all, I built a stand for the ZPJ engine, and by doing so I figured it was running and in good condition. I knew it would not be easy to fit the 3.0l frontwheeldrive engine to the 505, as the oilpan, clutch cover and enginemounting's will not fit straight. I didnt know that the pedals, distributor and the whole brake system required heavy modding as well. As the V6 engine was in good condition, it was time to get the proper gearbox and clutch cover. I found the gearbox from V-M. I used BA10/5 box in this vehicle. My friend made the clutch cover from combining the 505 Turbo Injection clutch cover and the 605 SV3.0 clutch cover. After plenty of measuring and fitting, we had a clutch cover, that connected the BA10/5 to the zpj engine. We fit the Turbo Injection's hydraulic clutch cylinder to our clutch cover. So now that the clutch cover was ready, we needed proper bottom end to engine, otherwise the oilpan doesn't fit. I used the same that can be found in ZN3J, it fits directly to ZPJ. It was time to first fit test and bang, the powerbrake and climate blower was in the way, so I removed them. After that, the engine fits in its place quite nice. At this point, I knew I have to mod the powerbrake system and distributor in order to get the pedal box fit. So I used 205 gti's powerbrake, a 605 brake master cylinder, and lowered the pedalbox 5 cm (2"), turned the distributor 120 degrees with the help from my friend and mod the valvecover very little.. After those "little" tweaks, as I call them, the engine fitted in place just fine. So now I needed the engine mountings.. This was the end of summer 2012, and as I dont have an garage,and it is really nasty to do anything outside during winter time as your fingers freeze and drop out, there was an inevitable break.. All good stories come with sequals, so will this one too Just kidding, but I have been writing this for an 1.5 hours now and clock is eleven at night + early morning, so I will continue writing this tomorrow.. If anybody has or has done, or you know somebody that has or has done similar project, I am more than happy to hear about that. I will add millions (maybe not millions, but at least 10 ) of images later also.. By the way, I have couple of videos in youtube about this car. This may be the best one: Best regards, Wales
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