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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, I have an opportunity to get a low miles (45k) XD3T engine that is sitting on ice an hour away from me. I'm planning to drop it in my 1982 Peugeot 604 BA10/5. Before I do that, I've been exploring some tuning that I could possibly do. Here's kind of my general plan: 1. Get an Exhaust gas Temp sensor and Boost Gauge 2. Find an XD2 (non turbo) Intake Manifold 3. Cut and weld shut the Exhaust Gas Recirculator valve opening on the exhaust manifold 4. Add a intercooler and route it from the turbo to the XD2 intake (better clearances than XD2S which has like 2 inches of roo
  2. Hi All The IP on my XD3T is leaking at the body halves seam. Can you recommend a reseller or rebuild? (8v of fury?) Can anyone share the sequence and details of the IP R&R procedure, steps, torque settings etc? Is there a vendor who sells XD3T workshop manuals (Haynes?) Or. Is there an online resource for manuals in pdf? Thanks.......JoE
  3. I was contacted by a gentleman in Boston looking to find homes for two 1986 505 Wagons. One is a very rare XD3T TD 4sp auto wagon, the other is likely just an XN6 gas wagon: ----------------------------------- I drove the 86 for a while and liked it. I picked it up from a couple in Cambridge. I had Frank Bowman (Peugeot mechanic in New Bedford) check it out and he told me that the oil cooler was leaking bad. He disconnected it said that I could drive it without an oil cooler. I did but thought that the oil ran hot. I don't remember why I stopped driving it. The 4 speed was nice and whe
  4. As discussed in my 505 TD wagon build thread, I had played around with various ideas to extract more performance from the 2.5L XD3T engine, and after reading the VWdiesel.net forums I decided the AAZ hybrid injection pump and 2-stage injector idea needed to get pursued. (I blame Automotive ADD). I contacted a one of the users on VWdiesel.net as I noticed he was in Saskatchewan and we chatted via e-mail for a bit. (Great guy.) A few weeks later he sent me a link to a post selling some used XD3T pumps on the IDI forums. After some negotiation - I bought one of the pumps he had for sale. (
  5. So i am thinking about buying a red 1988 505 GTD (XD3TE) with a seized motor, and replacing it with another motor from a 1987 GRD diesel wagon (XD3). I'm wondering if anyone knows what the difference is between these two motors? Is it possible to Convert an XD3 to an XD3TE without opening the engine, and just swap the turbo bits over (Turbo, intercooler, exhaustmanifold etc.)? Ludvig
  6. I bought this pump as a spare for my car, but I am wanting to get another pump rebuilt with some modifications and it seems like a waste to pay to get this one redone just for the modifications I want. This is the 9mm plunger version used on 5-sp XD3T cars, and it was very recently rebuilt (less than 5K miles) before the car was parted out. Previous owner spent over $1000 just on the rebuild alone. I'll even throw in the glow plugs that were done at the same time. I have stored it with ATF cycled through it as per the local diesel shop. If there's interest I'll get some pics up of it. Rabin
  7. Hi guys, I've been doing a lot of research on my TD and I'd like to rebuild a spare set of injectors with some Monark SD 265 nozzles, with the break/pop pressure set to 160 bar. I've found one of the only sources for the nozzles to be www.mercedessource.com - but they only sell the SD 265 nozzles in sets of 5 or 6. If there are 2 more people interested we could buy 2x 6 sets and each get a set of 4. Please post / PM / contact me direct if you're interested in getting a set. (Or if you have a better source for the Monark 039 305 128 nozzles.) I'd use Bosch SD 265 nozzles if I could find a NOS
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