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  1. Yeah - you should have too much to worry about with your Xn6 car. My car just has its original cat on it still (which is sorta surprising)... I'm sure that your car will pass, or if it doesn't, it'll be something simple like in the case of my original cat failing. Sina
  2. Merci Monsieur Thibodeaux. You pay the reg, then have to go to the smog shop with your DMV paperwork. If you pass, they'll put it in the system directly, and you'll receive your stickers in the post. If you do not pass, you have to go back to the DMV (*shivers*), show them that you failed, and you'll receive in most-cases a 1-month long temp tag that you have to stick onto your rear screen (like I have). If you are unable to get the car smogged in that time period (I was purely lazy/preoccupied), you have to go back to the DMV, explain why (I could have used the fact that my alternator died as an excuse), and they'll give you an extension. I think that costs money - not sure. Is your car running yet?
  3. Looks like a year just shy of a month has gone by since I last posted here. Sorry for the redundant post people on PNA ... (or maybe that's everyone here by now? ) Updates: Installed a working radio. It's a Blaupunkt Key West. Not too awesome, but not complete junk. Looks OEM..5 years old. Came off the BMW. It has an iPod/Aux cable that hides away nicely in the glove box. Decent bass/mid-range speakers too. I'm happy.Sealed up the windshields (I think). A small piece or two from the pieces of a '88 Turbo Sedan broke in the process of doing so. But it's MUCH better than before. The inlays that slide into the rubber are definitely - wish the windshield guy hadn't lost mine.All of the car's side molding is on. As Andre noted, it adds a lot of contrast and gives the car a different look. And protection.The sunroof cassette is now fitted properly on the roof, but doesn't move back and forth. New cable I bought from a member here with a heavy duty retrofit that have been having a trouble with (maybe because of the HD retrofit). Still trying to get a hold of him.Was given a new grille by the Hanzel family (big Citroen guys in downtown Oakland). Thanks guys, y'all are the best!!Need to figure out how to properly install the front spoiler with the other pieces of hardware that I have.Need to find a pair of Bosch Pilots to install in front of that front spoiler (with a new horn, cause one of them's shot!)Tranny is driving me nuts with its whooped 1st & 3rd synchros. I need to locate a new low-mileage BA7/5 at some point.Want to fix the interior lights which are for the most part burnt out, dim, or loosely connectedI am currently just itching to install the European Glass headlamps in a couple of weeks. Waiting on the hardware.Car needs an interior. If anyone sees a 505 Sedan being parted out with any color leather interior except blue & bluish gray let me know!Need to get the car smogged in 2 weeks (already paid reg/insurance but I failed to get it to pass in the allotted time I was given in September). It will need a new cat, and hope to do the catback exhaust at the same time. Something subtle, no drone, no rasp.Lots of other stuff needs to be done - don't be fooled by the car's new shiny appearance ...... Here are some quick photos I snapped the other day.
  4. Well it sold before I had the chance to see it. I'm genuinely considering doing a S70 T5M + snow tires for winter, as well, since it seems more along the lines of my budget. Chances are though that I might trade my cousin for his '98 V70XC (Black on Taupe). Same color combo as my parents '02 V70XC but a hell of a lot less problems since its on the X70 platform. I am indeed selling out - but hope to make it back to California in the next 2-4 years. -S
  5. Cool looking car! I'm moving out east next year so I'm looking to get an AWD. My folks have had nothing but trouble with their '02 V70XC (notorious for its transmission). I'm looking for a nicely-sorted S60R with a 6-speed manual. Here's one that I found for a fantastic price, going to check it out this weekend. I really, really want to avoid selling my E30 so I'm looking into storing options for that. It's RWD, low, and I'd hate seeing it collect rust/damage when I move 2,000 miles east. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/4772370190.html Cheers, S.
  6. This car keep on getting better and better. Savo, have you ever considered some silver finish wheels? I saw a beautiful Mi-16 in downtown San Francisco the other day and it had the larger european spec mi-16 wheels, red, just like yours. Looked fantastic. Anyways, keep on truckin' and hit me up sometime if you want to grab lunch (I head up to the cabin in Tahoe every other weekend or so after work). Cheers, Sina
  7. Hey guys - been pretty inactive recently. I moved back home to the San Francisco Bay Area about 6 weeks ago. Was hoping to spend a lot of time wrenching this summer but it hasn't happened yet. My grandfather passed within 3 days of me being home. He was a big influence on my passion for cars, and used to sit back and watch me wrench on the car all throughout high school and up to the last summer before his passing. He knew cars inside and out and was the top colonel of ordinance in his native country of Iran. I know he owned several Peugeot automobiles back in the 50's and 60's. Besides his passing, I've been working full and often overtime every week since I moved back home and have a long commute into the city so haven't had much free time other than hitting the gym and going to sleep when I get home (and the party/bullshit) lol. My motivation to work on the car has also severely been hampered by the fact that the car's finish has already gotten dimples here and there, and finish on the edges of the rear spoiler has been damaged by a shitty car cover and rain. Side moldings came out like shit, so I wanna tear em off and just find a half-decent complete set. My windshield gaskets are busted, and the sunroof isn't fitted on so the car isn't waterproof. Things haven't been very positive on the Peugeot front for me recently. It's unfortunate, but I haven't been able to get much time or help to work on the car, bu I've started toying with the idea of putting her aside somewhere or letting her go, and moving on. It's nice however to see some of you guys really getting into your old Pugs and doing what I wish I could do at the moment. I feel like the prime of my Peugeot days really were in high school - boy was that a load of fun (and reckless/stupid) getting sideways on the city streets. But enough of my sad Peugeot-rants. Joe: about to pick up a '94 CBR600 this weekend for a complete steal. All it needs are new oil lines and a battery. It would be my first bike, and a lot of moto-head friends are telling me that I should start with a 250. So now I'm thinking that if I just flip/sell this bike, I could probably afford a decent starter bike with $$$ left over. Thoughts? Hey total shot in the dark - but would you happen to know of a company called Bechtel? I work in the SF office and constantly deal with folks from your town in Reston, VA! G'nite, Sina
  8. Also sad to see that baby blue 242 flathood in that field as well
  9. Whoa those are some old school OZ wheels on that black sedan. That steering wheel is money too. Wish I had money, space, and time.
  10. Congrats on the purchase Joe! However, I demand photos of your friend's Pug collection...I remember seeing the videos of Blackie when I was in jr. high. Would like to see what shape it's in these days... Sina
  11. Andre - I can wholeheartedly recommend the Toronto. It's in our Volvo 240. My dad and I installed it last year when he was daily driving the car. Superb - it completely blows away my Key West which is probably 5 years old now. The Toronto's got everything. We usually drive the 240 up to Tahoe every weekend during the summer/winter and it serves us really well. Wireless (bluetooth) audio, phone, as well as multiple USB connections. You can both directly and wirelessly control the iPhone and other devices. Really makes me wanna rip the Key West (which has gotten glitchy lately) out of the E30 and buy another Toronto. You'll enjoy it! ....especially with all the audio work you've been doing to the car. BTW - I've gotta actually see this car in person for once this time. Gonna be in the area in 3 weeks? I'll be moving back up North for the summer so I'll be passing through the area again. Sina
  12. Landscaping & gardening ftw. Something I've always loved, how's that planting gonna be with this heat that we're in now? Andre, I'd love to grab coffee - how far are you from Pasadena? I'm gonna need lots of coffee this Saturday for sure haha. Rabin, they're Rota Slip Streams wrapped around Nittos. Muuuuch more rubber than the fitment with the slight stretch on BBS style 5's I had.
  13. Awesome story Ren! One of my bud's from high school is stationed for the Airforce in Japan. He's already owned a couple of JDM bests, and currently has RHD Hilux Surf (jdm 4runner) that's thinking of bringing back to the states under the 25 yo law. A quarter of my family (grandmother's side) lives in Germany. My relatives are from the Dusseldorf and Munchen areas... My E30 plates are reg. from my uncles town (Krefeld).. Country's close to my heart, hope to be visiting at least this winter - when I hope to bring some parts back with me for the E30 & Pug. Please bring a pug (or two) back with you! Maybe the CTi and a euro 505 turbo?
  14. Soooo down for a few t-shirts. Loving everything you've done with the site so far this year Rabin. Thanks for taking the time out of your life to do all this.
  15. Visited home last weekend to see my grandfather. While I was home, got to stretch the 505's legs a little bit...
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