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  1. Bean

    Body Skirt Clips

    Dang - that looks like a decent match! I’d have split shipping with you to have some of them as well, but I guess I can order after you confirm they’re good. Keep us posted... Rabin
  2. Understandable for sure - But in my mind there were would no way for any of the other components (AFM or fuel pumps) to affect only 2 & 3 spark plugs. The only way the plugs could be fouling would be excess fuel, or oil from the valve stem seals. Valve stem seals if they were leaking that bad would be creating so much exhaust smoke you would have mentioned that for sure - that's why I'm thinking poor spray pattern/atomization of the injectors, or they're leaking and the fuel system is depressurizing when it's parked which fouls the plugs AND creates a hard start. Maybe check your oil level isn't increasing or smelling like fuel as well. Totally get not doing the plugs without having seals on hand though - but just food for thought while you're doing the work. Rabin
  3. I think it’s odd that it’s consistently 2 & 3 that are fouling which makes me think it’s an injector issue. Quick check would be to switch injectors with 1 & 4 to see if those start fouling. Rabin
  4. I made my own replacement dipstick hand out of rubber hose and silicone. Hose seals decent inside the tube for a nice seal, and it stays in. As long as the dipstick seals it should allow the pcv system to work as designed. Pic of your fix would be great to see. Car itself looks fantastic - LOVE the clean lines, truly a timeless classic! Congrats on a really great build. Rabin
  5. My guess would be that the seals and gaskets have been somewhat revitalized with use the last little while and are working better. In tank Fuel system cleaner are usually great for maintaining good systems but usually are no replacement for removal and proper cleaning - but it definitely could have been enough to bring back borderline injectors that weren’t atomizing properly. One comment you made about the oil dipstick breaking also reminded me to mention to make sure the pcv system is 100%. Dipstick should be sealing, and the system should be working as designed, or with improvements like an oil catch can inline before the vacuum sources. Rabin
  6. No idea what the availability is for new VAF style meters are - but another option would be to do a VAF to MAF conversion: https://splitsec.com/wp-content/uploads/technotes/TN2_AFM_to_MAF_Conversion.pdf There’s a few options for the conversion, but still no where near as simple as finding a new VAF. Rabin
  7. Bean

    Body Skirt Clips

    I went to an autobody supply place and found some large single use plastic push in fasteners with a large flat plastic top part. Trimmed the top to fit the slot on rocker, and pushed into the hold. Worked great. Will see if I have any left to take a pic of them. Rabin
  8. AFM is a good tip to check - Should be able to measure resistance as the door sweeps to ensure it’s nice and linear. You could also test the injectors have a nice spray pattern by pulling them and firing them into glass jars, although for the money new ones seem like money well spent. Rabin
  9. Do you have a fuel pressure tester? A dodgey FPR could cause running issues. New injectors would be great if they’re indeed OE, and there’s a 5% code in our vendor section as well. There’s a risk they could be knock off but they’re a discount warehouse so I’d bet on them just getting blown out. Valve seals - tell tale sign is blowing blue on start up, and only after sitting a while. It’d have to be very blue to start fouling plugs with oil. Rabin
  10. Does this have a TPS sensor? If so you should check it for having a linear and smooth progression. If the TPS has a dead spot or had issues that might cause at stutter/hesitation. Rabin
  11. That’s awesome that there’s 3 owners of gorgeous while Mi-16’s chatting in this thread! Welcome back Andre! You’ve been missed. Rabin
  12. If you're down on power a plugged cat could potentially affect AFR's that trigger the code. If the cat is rattling inside - then the it might be damaged to the point of impeding flow - Any chance you have access to a WB02 or some other way to ensure you have good AFR's? Rabin
  13. Will be curious to see what path you guys go with the car. Did you guys lube the tops of the pistons before turning motor over? Any other prep? (Pistons would have been exceptionally dry if it had not run in years) High compression diesel turning over easily by hand is a tough one - Awesome it’s not stuck, but hopefully you could feel compression. Rabin
  14. Both Savo and Goce said it looked factory and those two know them best on here so it has to be so. 505's use something similar that looks like regular electricians tape, but only certain sections have adhesive, so it usually unravels easily when you need to take it off. I usually replace with plastic split loom whenever I can as it's cheap and does a decent job. Rabin
  15. Wow Mike - you really stock piled parts For this build! First reaction on reading the hydraulic part was in bad shape was feeling your pain, followed by “Well of course he had a good spare...” Well now played! Is the bad one salvageable for an parts or possible rebuild or is it too far gone? Rabin
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