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  1. The dealer is: Jaap Thalen Automobielbedrijf B.V. Asserstraat 50 NL - 9411 LN Borger The car is stil to sell for € 9.500,-. You find him on www.autoscout24.nl - Peugeot - 505 I saw the car last autumn. The pictures are better than the conversation. No need to understand dutch . At least in this case !
  2. thanks, Rabin! Good to know. But why is this cap "one of the most important parts of the cooling system"? Since I drive without cap, I have no water in the oil. The pressure of the colling system pushs the water into the oil by a little leak of the head gasket Walter
  3. In Europe all the cars are equiped with headlight adjusters, but none of them works. Normally it works on liquid, not on cables. It is possible to refill it with anti-freese cooling fluid. Parts are not more available ! Walter
  4. Hi Brownie, nice to meet you here ( We live only 100 miles away from each other and I met Brownie on two 505-meetings!) Hi Bill, I installed a prohibition sign in my car: No hanky-panky on this frontseats We laughed a lot. Thanks! Hi André, thank you for your proposition, I am a dental surgeon and quite confident that the electrical surgery will be a success! byebye, Walter
  5. hello André, thank you very much. This is exactly what I needed. My heating elements are original, but without the original plugs. I didn't removed it by myself from an old car. When I read your diagram, I see that the thermostat is integrated in the seat heater element. I never noticed that and now it is covered by the leather Is there a possibility to adjust? sincerely, Walter
  6. I have installed a seat heating and I wonder why the two pads don't work efficiently by connection in series (A). I am afraid of destoying the heating by parallel wiring. Someone knows the right wiring?
  7. Hallo Ikenna, predjudice? I drive that ZDJL engine since 25 years and changed the belt three times. No problem at all Walter
  8. perhaps it is a dislocation of the shift linkage ? Walter
  9. Congratulations but what about: Do you have photos of the worn old steering?Walter
  10. Hi, take the car to a mechanic for balancing the frontwheels and alignment of the steering tie rods in combination with centering the steering wheel. Expenses: $ 93,20
  11. centre bearing of the propeller shaft. You know the grease-nipple?
  12. Right, but sometimes, when there is only a small leakage, it can be usefull to drive with open reservoir. No more coolant is pressed by hot waterpressure into the oil compartment. The "mayonnaise" dissappeard by evaporation, you can return home* and change the cylinder-haed gasket on a clean motor. *Once I drove 600 miles back home!
  13. Norcal505, wat a beautiful 505 (I know the car from the french forum!) and now I am very sorry for your car, but it could have been worse. Think positive; no injuries! It's a warning for all of us. Under http://club505.forumpro.fr/direction-f18/n...t1868.htm#23508 I reported your accident to the french forum. "lolodu86" is interested in photos of the left side of the steering and the abrasion of the pinions.
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