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  1. I haven't replaced mine yet, so I don't know what fan my mechanic (and, yes, most likely every Vancouver peugeot owner's mechanic ) uses. When I spoke to him on the phone though, he said he uses an American unit which is much more durable than what Peugeot put in the cars. His name is Marc and the shop's number is 604-432-6636, if you want to ask him. As for the car, I listed it on eBay twice but no luck. It looks like unless I'm prepared to let it go for $1000 or something, nobody wants it! I just don't get it. No interest locally either. We're talking about a low-mileage, collector-plated car which runs well, looks great and you can insure for next to nothing, and nobody's interested?! I realise it's an orphan brand but still.
  2. Sadly and reluctantly, I have decided to sell my 505. I just moved within a minute walking distance from work and will barely need my Saab (the daily driver), let alone the Peugeot, which I was driving only once or twice a month. That, and the move, buying furniture etc. has pretty much depleted my savings... If anybody is interested, I've listed it on eBay. I want it to go to a good home, somebody who knows these cars, so I thought I mention it here just in case. Here's the link to the listing: 85 505 STI on eBay Contact me for more information if you're interested. Thanks, Sebastian
  3. The event was open to all French cars, but it ended up being 8 Citroens (2 2CVs, a CX wagon, a GS and 4 DSs) and my 505. A couple of Renaults would have been there, but couldn't because of the very short notice. My car looked very ordinary and mainstream next to the avant-garde Citroens! I thought you guys might enjoy the pics (courtesy of John MacGregor, the event organiser and owner of 6 Citroens): Citroen AutoClub Meet and Run Sebastian
  4. Oh no, SO SORRY about the car! I'm not an expert by any means but it doesn't look that terrible. Is that rim a right-off or could it be "restored"? My worst nightmare is getting into an accident with mine that would make it a write-off; it's not like these cars are exactly [easily] replaceable. Good luck with everything!
  5. Mine comes on too, and it's mostly on than off. BUT, nothing is wrong according to the temp gauge, so I chalked it off to an electrical glitch and have been ignoring it.
  6. Yes, the Saab is my daily driver, not necessarily because of the 505's sluggishness, but b/c I recently got collector plates for it and that restricts its use to pleasure purposes only. So, it's my weekend driver now. There are a few issues that have to be addressed, namely the front struts are worn out, it needs a sunroof cable and a heater fan. That's about it for now I think. I will post pics in the members' section once I get my laptop back from the repair shop. I have pics of my ex-504 wagon also, which I will post. That car is still somewhere in Vancouver (I hope), as I sold it to a local on eBay. Re. rim/tire size, I know the tires are Michelin TRXs, which I was told are difficult to find, but what's the difference b/w the TRX size and 15"?
  7. Thanks! Maybe I'll run into you around town sometime. 405s are very rare in the Lower Mainland, let alone a 91 Mi16! There's a 405 DL that I see here in West Van every now and then, but it's very tired looking. Is that authorised Peugeot repair facility in White Rock still there? I think I heard it became a Kia dealer or something.
  8. That's a beautiful car! I wish mine was a 5-speed turbo; 3-speed auto non-turbo = super slow Love the Euro lights also.
  9. Wow, talk about cheap insurance! ICBC is ripping us off then; well they do have a monopoly after all... 89 is the year with the revised rear-end right? Very rare too! I like that look a lot. Unfortunately, I'm not mechanically savvy AT ALL. I rely on my mechanics for everything, even oil changes, which doesn't make owning high-maintenance oddballs exactly cheap. That said, it still turns out cheaper than leasing/buying a new generic car, which I would not enjoy nearly as much. There's one shop in Vancouver, run by a Frenchman, that specialises in French cars, and another shop, run by a Brit, that has been servicing Saabs exclusively for 30 years. They're trustworthy and reasonable price-wise. I'll be fine as long as they're in business, but, in any event, with the abundance of online sources etc. I'm not too worried about parts availability. I had a 78 504 wagon a couple of years ago which I bought on eBay, and ended up selling on eBay to a fellow right here in Vancouver! He wanted to restore it (the car was in good shape but had some minor rust issues); haven't heard from him since. I have many pics of it on my old laptop. I've seen a few 504s around town over the years but all rust-buckets; interesting beaters basically. I know a Citroen fanatic who has a DS-21, a DS wagon, a CX Turbo 2, a 2CV6 Club, an Ami6 and a Traction Avant. I rent a parking a spot at his building, so I get to see those cars twice everyday and it never gets old! Do you have pics of your 89 turbo? Sebastian
  10. Thanks for the welcome and the kind words guys! The car has 127,xxx kms on it (~ 76,xxx miles). It's a local Vancouver car, sold new by a now-defunct Chrysler dealer (there was never a "Peugeot Canada" and Peugeot used Chrysler's distribution network). It's in really good shape, though the paint is beginning to oxidise around the sunroof area. No rust though! Everything is original, down to the stereo. The tires are Michelin TRXs, which the previous owner went to great lengths to obtain. Based on what I've seen around town, it's likely one of the nicest Peugeots in the city. I got collector plates for it a couple of weeks ago. To get collector plates here in B.C., the car has to be at least 25 years old, in great condition inside and out, and totally original; no modifications (e.g. aftermarket stereo) are allowed. Since I have my Saab insured as my daily driver, I was eligible for really low insurance premiums on the Peugeot. As a secondary collector-plated vehicle, which I can only use for pleasure purposes, insurance for it is around $400 per year now. I agree with the Euro lights looking much nicer, and it was my plan to do the conversion, but that would have amounted to a modification which probably would have made it inelligible for collector plates. Now that I got the plates, I might do the conversion, yet the keep the originals handy just in case. Bean, I'm really happy that the deal with Spyker went through also. I was checking the news every hour for updates. At one point it looked like GM was determined to shutter Saab, but there were unprecedented outpouring of support from Saab enthusiasts and lots of media coverage. Dealers in the US and Europe were ready to commence legal action also. Hopefully, Saab will go back to its roots now that GM is out of the picture. GM really damaged the brand. I'm happy that Saab is purely European again. You must be the only Pug owner in SK?! How have you kept the rust at bay? I've been a fan of oddball cars and orphans ever since I started driving. I've had 7 older Saabs (3 99s including a 78 99 Turbo, 3 900s and a 9000), an Alfa Romeo Milano, an MG Midget, a Lada Signet wagon, and this is my third Peugeot. An older Saab is as close as I've come to the mainstream, which is saying a lot. I'm glad I found this forum.
  11. Hi all, I recently bought an 85 505 STI (not a turbo, I know... ) and was wondering if there are other local Peugeot owners here. I see 505s driving around every now and then. I had an 84 505 S before (a rust-bucket) and a fairly nice 78 504 wagon. Anyway, it would be nice to have some local contacts/support, so just saying hi I guess. Here's a link to my Flickr gallery (pics of my 505 and a few of my Saab): Pics of my 505
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