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  1. *i think* =) sup guys! miss this forum!
  2. man, after all these years...haha
  3. Changed my battery cables on the rabbit. Lost the nut that holds power cable to starter. Couldnt find it or a replacement in my stash of parts. Home depot didnt have the size. Ordered online. Never shows up. I call the parts place, and they check my order, and the guy is confused, cuz it shows up in their computer with an order # of "20" (instead of like 8272621, where they're up to now). Fixes it, gets my order in. It's friday. Hoping it comes today so i can get the car going this weekend (w/o having to push start!)
  4. andre - i also found "top gear apocalypse" which is a year or 2 old, but i never saw it before, maybe you havent either - its james and richard doing stuff with cars with the theme of it being after a nuclear fallout...pretty campy, but fun if youre a topgear nut norcal - i couldnt find anything past the first 10 mins on streetfire
  5. heya guys just saw "Top Gear Worst Car in the World" and theres a good segment praising Peugeot, and specifically the 504 and the 206... havent been able to find it online (aside from torrents) http://www.finalgear.com/news/2012/11/14/top-gears-the-worst-car-in-the-history-of-the-world-out-monday/
  6. oooo. duh. yup misread it. still, youre up there. that pesky lil 323gtx....
  7. ohms

    Post-peugeot life

    andre - plan right now is just regular tuneup/upkeep - its a nice daily driver as is. after i get a bit further with the camaro, i do have some fun plans for the lil rabbit (but nothing that would take it off the road longer than a day or 2) bean - agreed, total chick car. it was my friend's car for a while, and i razzed my friend about that even though i also talked him into buying it hehe. BUT - that lil car has scored me 2 dates (im single these days) and gets more female attention than any car i ever owned (my lil bmw 2002 coming in second in that dept). The camaro has pretty much always just landed me more carguy friends haha. or jersey girls. i know it has some kinda aftermarket downpipe/exhaust header, but otherwise i think its stock. i was tempted to swap out the CIS for some carbs (i have mikunis, webers, and im not even sure what other carbs sitting around) until i read up more on the CIS - would like to do some basic hopping up to the motor, as long as i dont kill its fuel economy and reliability. oh, and it has konis and H+R springs! at least in the rear. dunno what the front setup has
  8. ohms

    Post-peugeot life

    i feel like if i had to, i could swap the rabbits motor at the side of the road. its no aircooled flat4, but man its still tiny (and pretty simple, even with the CIS)
  9. ohms

    Post-peugeot life

    so - recap - i sold the 505 because my dad gave me his 99 altima for free. thought it would make a nice daily driver. then it broke down on me about a week into ownership - oil pump exploded inside the motor, took out the timing chain and gears....quite a mess. sold to my mechanic, and bought my friend's 86 VW cabriolet (i talked him into buying it as his daily about 3 years ago haha - then his new/current gf expressed her dismay with it, and he had to park it up for about year (he didnt quite want to let it go i guess). got it for $400! pretty much all there, i bought it wednesday, then took a 2.5 hour trip upstate, performed like a champ.
  10. ohms

    My new car

    nice benz sina! sturdy sturdy cars. my aunt had an amg 190e, i wish i asked for it when i was old enough to drive!
  11. congrats! and man, i want her. the peugeot, i mean. =)
  12. i brightened mine with a fine point silver paint pen, and just being very careful. also silver'd the lion in the grille (was tempted to make the flame or tongue red heh) and was further tempted to put M or BMW and AMG or mercedes emblems from model cars in the lions belly...
  13. lighting was subpar, but...the car looked pretty good. Wouldnt happen to be lurking here, would you?
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