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  1. WOW! Car looks beautiful Rob! I havent been on here in a long time.
  2. WOW She looks beautiful! I'm anxious to see all the little details finished on it. When are you putting the wheels on the Bimmer?
  3. Hey Rob! Im currently living in bakersfield I co-own a crossfit gym with my good buddy, but I'm going to be leaving bakersfield and moving back to Socal Santa Monica to be exact. I have a buisness opportunity to further my involvement in the fitness industry. But Back to the point of this reply....I love LOVE the mesh style rims you have on the Bimmer. just need to get the center hub covers on and it will done! But I'm still loving the E30! Those 3-ers were damn durable virturaly indestructuable cars. I see A ton of them on the roads in LA all the time. Actually saw a E30 M3 in traffic on the 405 freeway a few weeks ago. It was Gun metal gray with the rare blood red interior leather. Awesome car. And then a few moments later I saw a 1990 MB Cozworth 2.5! It was a good day for car sitings! If I was a passenger and NOT the driver I would have taken some snaps of the two of them. What size are those wheels on the E30? I love my E90 Touring Wagon. I've had it nearly 2 years and get excited to get in it and drive somewhere. I forget I'm in a wagon sometimes LOL. The few engine mods I've done have really made an already great car better. Are you taking the 505 to SD with you or are you keeping it SF?
  4. the best way to have a touring wagon IMO: Stick baby
  5. Woops forgot to attach said file lets try this again shall we?
  6. This is what I have choosen as my daily driver...
  7. HEY Rabin! I sent you some pics and yes sadly i left the Peugeot world for now....but I'd kinda like to own a 405 Mi16 someday. I saw one in La the other day it was black and in PRISTINE condition! I spoke to owner for a good 45 mins about his car and told him all about my history with peugeots. And his history was very similar in terms of how many 505's he'd owned before selling them and later getting the 405 car that he deemed a project car. It is a gorgeous example of an Mi16 I would love to someday own. Truly a pocket rocket.
  8. Hey Rob! The 505 Looks gorgeous! Your hard work is top drawer! I've left the Peugeot fold and jumped in head first into BMW world. However, I still follow the forum and love to keep up to date with everyones build threads. Hope you post more pics of the 505 after all the tid bits have been mounted!
  9. My V6 beeps when I have left my lights on. perhaps the beeper is no longer working. I had this happen with my turbo. I got a slavage part and replaced it.
  10. Well I suppose it just means that it's meant to go to the RIGHT home. I can't believe the condition of that car. It literally looks like a its brand new.
  11. Lol! So I guess we are all "hipsters" correct Rabin? Mahahahahaha....I will take that title proudly
  12. This is one incredible find! Look at how much the current bid is! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Peugeot-505-STI-Leather-/261101089524#v4-42
  13. WOW! she's beautiful! so is the Peugeot congrats on the next chapter of your new life!
  14. Well if this becomes a annual thing I'm MOST DEF going to be making a trip for this
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