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  1. Welcome aboard here! On occassion, one will pop up here for sale. Finding a relatively rust free example will be a challenge. If your on Facebook, you can join us here on our sister group, Peugeot of North America I'm preparing to sell one of my 505 turbo diesel's later this year, its originally a Texas car now in California
  2. I'd like to chime in here and not hijack the thread? Isn't Jim's meet usually in late October?
  3. So I went with the fedhill metric brass tee. Other than moving the brake lines to line up line properly it was a simple swap out.
  4. ARUN, long lost thread here but I think I found which Tee you referred to as a replacement for the compensator valve which I’m thinking of do the same; https://store.fedhillusa.com/tm183.aspx
  5. Rabin, its the longer steel body version steering valve. First 100 miles with not a drip or weep Very easy to reseal once you get the assembly removed lol The retaining nut on the end of the bolt that anchors the steering ram to the cross member is a bit of a challenge. Its partially blocked by the oil pan, recessed in the cross member and you can't get a wrench of any sorts on the bolt head due to it being between the ram cylinder and the steering rack housing. You can get vise grips on the bolt through the open channel of the cross member to assist
  6. Well, this thread is well past due for an update! There hasn't been much activity on repairs or upgrades as the car has been in daily service without issue. This month marks 24,000 miles and 5 years of ownership. Speaking of ownership, this 505 was intended for my son to drive. Well he did for a short period to learn to drive a manual transmission He's moved on to something more sporty for his age, a Porsche 944 Being a Peugeot enthusiast for life, I simply took this 505 for myself as my daily commuter! The latest is the need for rebuilding the steering rack hydraulics. The mechanical rack components are in good shape but the hydraulics were suffering failure. The steering valve and the steering ram were both well worn and leaked profusely. Got by for a year using stop leak As you can see the rack assembly is quite a mess from years of service. In fact, you can see the steering ram has no bushings remaining! New bushing for the ram as well as a reseal kit for the steering valve were installed. No photos of the post repairs but you get the idea. So yes, we are rolling again
  7. Ah yes the famous zip tie emerges. The BA-10 trans you have uses the vertical rod part number # PG-245452 Rob at Javel has them in Dallas,TX. [email protected] (972) 669-2425
  8. I like CanAmPug, universal enough to create this platform and continue to use " Peugeot Enthusiasts Group" While 505turbo.com is our resource for technical information and personal builds, our FB group page is simply a in your face medium that scrolls by like ticker tape. Capturing any thing there for later reference is nearly impossible! If the two sites can be merged to sync all the better! Andre', synchronizing up the logos/identity is a great idea
  9. Andre', your making great progress since I last looked at your thread! I'm sure others down the road will appreciate your narratives with photos on the repairs and improvements you have taken on
  10. I should of said the same wagon you have photos of.
  11. Andre', nothing creepy about finding anything. If its on this planet it can be found
  12. You mean this wagon? Its located here: 207 W 138th St, Los Angeles, CA 90061 Metin Kilic 310-715-6034 [email protected] I have no connection to the seller but I'm known for finding anything
  13. That's very funny Rabin! I sold my minty 505 TD, should I be sending you a copy of my release of liability that DMV received ? lol The unfunded project lives on! Thanks for keeping this site up and running, its been a great resource! Jeff
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