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  1. Do you ship to Norway? I'm looking for the car door weather guards (not sure if thats the correct name for it?) Sedan. All four of them. They are easy to detach.
  2. So the level float switch on top is only for warning light? Is the high temp warning light also placed on the tstat housing?
  3. Hi, I have installed a custom radiator 10 years ago. No I can't remeber all thw wiring for the sensors. On top of the radiator there is a level float switch. I have checked it and it seems to be giving correct signals. I connected it to the "most likely" cables. Shouldnt there be a signal in the dash for low coolant level? (the bulb may be broken) I also can't get any reading on temperatur gauge. Is this sensor connected to the rad as well? I always thought that this came from on of the "one pin" sensor on the thermostat housing on the engine. Last. On my original rad there was a sensor on the lower left side (same side as float switch). This looks like a sensor but it seems to be a high-temp switch with make or brake contact. (active at 100deg or so). I have also tried to connect this with the "most likely" cable with no luck. I guess there should be a high temp. warning light as well
  4. Yes, I have the control arms😀 (been there, done that...) I'll take another look at the Koni. Any suggestion for a spring shop to start out with?
  5. That sounds like an great idea Rabin. Do they need the spring for comparison or is it enough to provide spec of original + stiffer + a little bit shorter? I have also heard of the MB190 option, but what year of MB is unknown. Maybe V-M knows.
  6. Hi, I have read this tread: Great chart. Before reading this i have ordered some custom adjustable shocks from Spax. They are ordered to fit standard length and dimension. There may be some adjustment to make them fit. Not sure if the top stem will bolt on directly. I will post an update when this is done. I am now looking into some springs to exchange the standard one. A bit more stiffer and maybe 20mm lower. Have anyone found a spring that could fit in the stock suspension?
  7. Hi, I'm looking into changing the brakes. I have ABS hubs in front. I guess the back are the same on all models? I have read through some treads regarding upgrade. It seems like changing to Porsche rotors is the best approach. If the hubs are machined to fit those I guess the car is better suited for replacement rotors in the future? Do anyone have correct part number for the Porsche disc or part number and supplier for any other disc that will fit? We should sum all this up into one document for future knowledge. (I have searched a lot without finding an answer.) E.g. will the EBC D141 rotors fit? And for calipers: I have read some treads stating that Volvo 240, Mazda RX-7, Porsche 944, Lexus ... e.t.c. will fit, But some options needs adapter to fit and so on. Here it's also hard to tell witch year that applies and what version it is and so on. Any tip on witch part numbers to start looking for? Spec and dimension. Also here a document (or article) would be fine. At last. Doing all this I'm also looking into new wheel bearings. Any suggestion for supplier? (part number and spec for reference)
  8. Hi, I started out a project with rebuilding a none ABS hub (1986) to fit with Volvo740 stut. I planned to use Koni adjustable insert and coilover. The problem with this setup is that i'll have to chande back to original every time the car goes to the mandatory roadworthy test (EU inspection). So with only the camber-plate missing I'll try another soluitons. My project looked similar to this: I got some part from a 1987 turbo that I parted out. Amongst this I have the complete front struts and hubs (shocks are leacking) . I'm looking into just changing theese struts to wathever that will fit. They look pretty simple and I guess that there would be possible to find some that match. If they look similar to original they will pass the roadability test. My 1987 struts look like this: If e.g. some more common type of car have a strut that could fit, it would be easier to get upgrade parts from that starting point. I found an replacement chart for the rear shocks (made by Metako?). Stuff like that is great. I have been looking through a lot of post's on this forum and find that many are having great ideas but the treads lack of correct part numbers and final specification. Maybe we can sort out a similar list for the front (if not already done?) I'm also changing brake rotors all way around. + rear suspension. (Posting another tread) It's getting harder to find parts for theese babys. (Site tip: https://www.franzose.de/en/Home/ ) So any aftermarket/othermarket upgrade that can fit with minor fitment is great knowledge.
  9. www.enter-peugeot.com Is free, but it's maybe a bit to commercial
  10. I've installed shims in my differential. Can't remember how many though. When i'm driving slowly an taking hard turns (i.e parking lots) I can hear it's trying to lock. My rear suspension is so slappy so I havent been able to test it out on track.
  11. I'm still in checking from time to time.... Working on my car with rust, paint, wheels - same old! The GT32 got blown away, so i'm installing another turbo. Keep up the good spirit guys
  12. Does this mean that a kit like this TEIN SUPER STREET SS COILOVER Mercedes-Benz C230 03-05 or K-SPORT KONTROL PRO COILOVERS Mercedes C Class W202 93- could fit with some minor adjustment.... ?
  13. My head have been shaved twice, my block ones. I've didn't hear the noise before my tuner told me. He thought the chain ratteled a bit when he was listening for ignition knock. So when I pulled out my engine for the second time overhaul I changed the chain, wheel and tensioner. My engine have 270 000km on it so I thought the time had come anyway. What is the recommended interval for changing the chain? I paid the prices without "16%"
  14. This is what I got from the matra supplyer in Germany: More pictures!
  15. I purshaced chain, tensioner and chain wheels at a matra supplyer i Germany - Simon Automobiltechnic. My chain was also noisy.
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