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  1. The engine on the black 85 still turns even though it's the base 4cy. Someone should get that wagon up and running w/ any engine (and put a manual into it...) You'd have to put wheels on the wagon and tow it out of a field but it's doable and worth it if you have the time to put toward it.
  2. it was dark coloured, that's all i remember so it could've been dark grey or dark brown or black or something like that. but the interior and exterior were in great shape, just the engine was out. the metric wheels were off it but in okay shape too.
  3. IMO (though consider I live in a state where no hondas before 1995 exist because they've all rusted away) the rust isn't too bad. there are a few holes under the rear seats but structurally it's solid. the paint can be stripped and it repainted its original colour and it'd look nice.
  4. Followed up on a craigslist ad for a 505 diesel for $600. It's more of a project than I can take on, but the guy has a few others. He wants to get rid of them or crush them so someone needs to save them. If interested I can send his contact info. Fredericktown Ohio 1. 81 505 turbo diesel. turbo is off but it runs and drives. needs work (car I followed up on) needs a repaint 2. 85(?) 505 4cy with nice aftermarket wheels, mud flaps, etc. has been sitting 3. 505 turbo wagon. super nice body and interior. engine is out of it.
  5. Sorry you had a bad experience. that guy is crazy. I had him repair a 505 of mine and he totally fscked up the electrical system
  6. Yea whatever. With GM investing do they have any plans of coming back? didn't think so.
  7. If this auction falls thru it's getting scrapped unfortunately
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1989-Peugeot-405-MI16-/280792921999?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item41608ff78f#ht_506wt_1182
  9. Friend is selling my 405 for me: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/405-MI16-Peugeot-1989-/270872206812?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item3f113ddddc
  10. btw this thing is for sale along with my old blue 505 sti if you guys know anyone who might be interested let me know
  11. Hi André, I think it's just that the iPhone camera is just that much better than mine. I didn't have to do any adjustments on the pics. Yea there aren't really any peugeot specialists around here in the midwest that i know of. he just didn't know what he was doing. IDK, when i work on a computer i don't return it to a client in worse shape than i got it... still a bit peeved by the whole situation. I have four peugeot logo mud flaps so i'm gonna put one on each wheel. the 405 is a different car, fwd, more modern, cheaper interior than the 505. they drive differently. they're still both very
  12. well, i just had my mi16 repainted... is that a CXA car? it doesn't look like it
  13. better pics from my coworkers iPhone at the same time.
  14. Hi André :-) yea the clutch is fixed... though the mechanic that replaced the clutch (not the guy that painted it) fscked up a bunch of stuff. it doesn't start cleanly anymore, it stutters and i have to hold the gas for a few until it warms up. and he broke the speedo cable on top of the other niggles with it. I need to pull the bumper on the passenger side so it's straight. the glovebox latch got broken while the clutch was getting fixed. there are a few grounding and other electrical issues. the fog lights don't work, ABS doesn't work but it runs and drives, starts and mostly stops, the he
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