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  1. The problem right now is the engine is seized solid. Buddy's torque wrench clicked at 250ftlbs and it did not budge at all. Forwards or backwards. Head will be off this weekend after we pull the engine out. But figure we got some work to do. Rebuilding is not out of the question. The better question comes to be is the head and bottom in savable condition. We might open it to warped/cracked head and a rusted out bottom end.
  2. Yeah it blew a head gasket many times with the old owners. It got head gasket in a can a few times. We pulled the glow plugs a month or so ago and put in some marvels but it still won't turn over by hand. Glow plugs 1-2-3 looked like they had been wet at one time. Cylinder 4 the front looked not as wet. Car went down in 2019 so if it rusted up then this engine might just be junk. The engine is coming out next weekend. But looking to see if we can just get something to drop in for now.
  3. Looking to buy a xd2s. Our engine in our project car is locked down tight. If we have to we will look into rebuilding ours. Our car is a 1982 505 TD. Seems we can use some from the 504? And 604? As well as 505 up to 84. Anybody got one in the South Carolina area. Willing to drive a few hours for a good engine.
  4. Hey everyone. Going to throw a couple posts up on fixing our 1982 505 TD Sedan with a 5spd manual transmission. Anyways the car has seen one to many blue devil head gasket treatments and has a fully blown head gasket. The radiator weighed about 35-40lbs when we pulled it out of the car. So I am on the hunt for a used unit or having ours redone. So the picture below is the radiator that came out of the car. Now with 5? blue devil treatments. ]{ So Nephew was close to a junkyard that got a 1980 diesel in and went for the radiator. When he sent pictures the inlet and outlet were on different sides. As seen below. I had also gone to a junkyard with a old worn out 09/1985 505 turbo and its radiator looked like the one above at least in the outlet placement. The one in the 505 turbo was plastic and also in bad shape. So my question is what year cars would interchange with out 1982 Turbo Diesel. Or do we have a unicorn of a radiator. With the inlet and outlet on the same side. So at this point I think our best bet is to find a good radiator shop and have ours cleaned or maybe have a new core put in. We flow tested it with the garden hose and the flow rate was very slow. Figure that and the weight its stopped up pretty good. Or is there a universal style radiator that is known to fit in these cars.
  5. Hey are these still available? Sent and email, called and texted. But never got a response.
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