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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the fB group and mailing list. Ive requested access to both!
  2. I found one in Cali. It looks ok but has been resprayed and not the original Odo and the head has been replaced. Worth a look? https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/d/san-jose-1992-peugeot-505-sw8-gt/7329640586.html
  3. Yes the 505 Turbo Sw8 looks to be what Im after. We only got the base, Sti and Gti. The Gti is the same as the euro GTi which had the 2.2 NA motor etc. mostly 5 speed cars in OZ. I had a 91 Gti Wagon (similar to the SW8 without the turbo) and was one if the best cars Ive owned. Lovely compliant ride and went around corners on rails. Where is the best place to look for one? Ive seen the websites such as http://topclassiccarsforsale.com but it seems to be fake or old etc. There are some nice wagons on there none the less. Regards Cam
  4. Yea cheers! It is sad to see AF being shut down. I was there as a 15hr old and now 35 so it has certainly been a wealth of knowledge there. I could not have left the car at home! I plan to be here for the foreseeable future and wont find one in the condition its in for the crazt money they are now selling for. Good to be here. Will update from time to time especially once it arrives here! Cam
  5. Pug1off.com in the UK is your bet. They have a lot of mods for them also and can help with all service parts. They all have clutch shudder from long 1st gear. The ecu can be tuned and helps a lot Catcams do some nice cams foe them and work well with a tune.
  6. Hello all Ive just recently immigrated to the US (Tivoli NY) and have been a Peugeot nutcase for the past 18 years! Usually Im a proactive member on Aussiefrogs.com and am looking for somewhere similar in the US! I knew coming to the US would mean a real lack of French cars so I brought my pride and joy with me! 1993 205 Gti with just on 62000 miles 100000k on the clock. RHD of course being from Australia. Cannot wait for it to get here early August. Its been the longest period in my life not driving a 205! I would love to find a 405 Mi16 or even a 505 gti while Im here. Here are a few pics. I bought it from the original owner. I met him 18 years ago and this was the very car that started it all. Sadly he passed away on my birthday 2 years ago and his son only wanted me to have it. Ill never sell it understandability.
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