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  1. This car is sold! Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest. When I decided to sell, I was worried it would take a long time to find anyone willing to consider it, but was pleasantly surprised that many people responded right away and showed genuine interest. It helps me feel better about finally letting it go after holding on so long, partly for fear it would be hard to find a good home for it. These really are great cars that are a lot of fun to drive, as all of you know. I am glad this website will help me feel like I am still part of the Peugeot fan community even when I don't own one anymore.
  2. I successfully closed the sunroof following Bean's advice. It wasn't very difficult, and is the sort of thing you could do at the side of the road (or under a bridge) if you ever had to. I wrote up the instructions along with some photos in the "Peugeot 50x Series discussion" category at https://www.canam-peugeot.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4256-how-to-manually-close-a-peugeot-505-broken-sunroof/
  3. Done! Now the roof is closed tight, and won’t open until the wire is removed and the bar is pushed back. I’m not sure how hard it is to replace the liner with the sunroof closed, but it’s probably easier to put back than it was to take out. (I am leaving it out for now in case the new owner wants to repair the sunroof first.) Once the liner is re-installed, it would be hard to open the sunroof again. If it were not anchored (like I did with the wire), you might be able to pull on the cable from inside the left rear fender and pull the bar back. Otherwise, you would have to remove the liner to release the bar, but that would be hard if you could not get your fingers in to the retainer pins. You might need to remove some of the main headliner to get access.
  4. 5. Anchor the bar Although the bar does not slide easily, I did not trust it to stay in place. I used a length of insulated wire (blue) to tie the bar to the front track runner. That prevents the bar from sliding back, which prevents the back of the sunroof from lowering, which prevents the sunroof from opening.
  5. 4. Slide the bar forward to raise the back of the sunroof I slid the bar forward, and pins at the back corners pivoted up to raise the back of the roof. (Note how much farther forward the bar is compared to previous photo.) In this view of the back left corner of the sunroof, you can see the metal bar across the bottom (between green lines), and the gold pin (blue circle) holding up the plastic fitting and metal brace raising the back of the roof. The pin rotates up when the bar moves forward.
  6. 3. Locate the bar that raises the back of the sunroof I slid the sunroof all the way forward, and could see the silver stamped metal bar that runs across the back of the sunroof. It is pretty far back, and only the front edge was visible when it was in the down position.
  7. 2. Remove the sunroof liner Once the four retainers were popped out, I slid the sunroof about half open and gently moved the liner forward a little bit. It helps to flex it down into the car a little, then gently work it side-to-side as you pull forward. As it got looser, I pushed the sunroof back, then I flexed the liner to fit between the edges of the opening and pulled it down from the inside.
  8. 1. Unfasten 4 plastic retainers at front of sunroof interior liner I slid the sunroof about half way open, then worked my fingers in between the metal roof and the hardboard liner. There were four plastic retainer pins along the front edge of the liner holding it in place. I started with the middle two, and worked my fingers around them until I could pop the liner down and disengage the retainers. I released the retainers near the edges the same way. They are a little harder because the liner is held between the roof and the tracks, and doesn’t flex as easily. I worked gently and gradually, and was able to pop out all four retainer pins without damage.
  9. Here is how to manually close the electric sunroof on a Peugeot 505 if it breaks. Broken sunroofs are a common problem on 505’s, and when it breaks you usually need it closed sooner than you can get it fixed. Luckily, closing it manually was not difficult, but I could not find good information about how to do it. Hopefully these instructions help others. These photos are from a 1987 505 STI US model. The sunroof cable guide broke, and the cable was loose, so the roof could easily slide forward and back. But even when slid all the way forward, the back of the sunroof did not rise up and seal with the roof, so rain and pests could get in. To close it manually, remove the sunroof interior liner, locate the metal bar at the back of the sunroof, and pull it forward to raise the back of the roof. Detailed instructions follow.
  10. Thanks Bean & Bill for sunroof advice. I'll take photos in case it helps anyone else. For those who asked where the extra photos are, check the Vehicle Registry on this site. https://www.canam-peugeot.com/forum/index.php?/garage/vehicle/94-peugeot-505-sti/
  11. Several people are interested in this car, and the offers are getting higher than a non-running car usually gets. The worst things about this car are that it hasn't run in over 15 years, and the sunroof is broken and won't close tight. But the best part is definitely how little wear it has. I posted more photos that Bean suggested of well known "high rust" spots so you can see for yourself: - windshield lower left corner - left rear wheel well backward view, forward view, and exterior forward view - left rocker panel forward view - right rocker panel backward view (sorry, it's blurry) The pictures aren't great, but you can see how clean and rust-free this car is. Most pics are left side because the right is pretty hard to reach. It looks the same on both sides, but I'll try to get better right side pics tomorrow. BTW, can anyone suggest how to temporarily close the sunroof? I can push it all the way forward, but can't figure out how to raise the back.
  12. Here are answers to questions several people asked. Sorry it is long, but your interest inspired me. More photos are in the Vehicle Registry in this forum. I added a couple more of the engine compartment and trunk. I am the original owner, and I have service records. The last service I see was an exhaust repair in 1996. I bought it in August 1987. It was my daily driver for about a year, then I bought a truck for daily commute and drove the Peugeot on weekends or for fun. (And wow, was it fun to drive!) I drove it often until the mid 90’s, and then less and less as I got busier, maybe a short trip every few months. And then even less by 2000, and I had to plan ahead to charge the battery because of course each drive was later than I intended. Then in the mid 2000’s, the sunroof cable guide broke and I couldn’t get the roof totally closed. That reminded me it was 20 years old and should have preventive maintenance (coolant, belts, hoses, etc). I drove it a couple more times, but sort of decided not to put more wear on it until it was fixed up. Then I stopped renewing the registration until it was ready to use again. Then suddenly it was this year and I still hadn’t had it fixed. I finally admitted I am not really going to use it, and keeping it in my garage is wasting it. (Lesson: Use your car, do not be like me.) What problems does it have? The engine hasn’t run in over 10 or 15 years, so battery, coolant, oil, belts & hoses, and probably head gasket. Brakes probably need flush too. Mice have been around, so although wiring looks good it might need a fix somewhere. It needs new tires. The current ones are old and flat-spotted from sitting. The spare is good, so maybe could tow it on 2 wheels if used that and another good one. The sunroof cable guide is broken (common for 505's) and roof doesn’t close tight. The AC needs a recharge. The trunk hold-open cylinder doesn’t hold. I do not have a firm price. I think it is worth more than scrap, but less than a car that still runs. I want it to go to good use, not make money.
  13. 1987 Peugeot 505 STI with bright red exterior and dark gray cloth interior. It has a 4 cylinder ZDJL engine and manual transmission. 62,020 original miles. It is beautifully preserved. It was kept in a carport from 1987-1990, then garaged ever since. The “F” autodecal on the back is one I personally bought in Sochaux France, near the factory where this car was built. The interior is in excellent condition. The seats look new. The front floor mats have light wear, and the rear are like new. The interior trim is all intact and unfaded. The dash and instruments are neat and unworn. The body is in excellent condition and has no rust. But the sunroof cable guide is broken, and the roof does not close tightly. The front right fender was hit and repaired around 1989. The underside is solid, with no rust and little dirt. The power train is intact, but has not run for more than 10 years. The exhaust system is good. Brakes are mechanically good, but need flush. The master cylinder was replaced under warranty in the 1980s. The belts, hoses and gaskets are all original and must be replaced. The tires must be replaced (certainly flat spotted), although the spare is like new. I will also include new OEM parts: spare gas cap, spare oil drain plug, 4 oil filters w/crush washers, and 3 air filters. And if I can find it, an oil drain plug wrench. This would be a great restoration project, but if necessary it could be a fantastic parts source instead. It is extremely rare to find a 505 interior with so little wear. I have finally convinced myself it needs to go to someone who will actually use it for something (but not scrap!). I am open to any offers, but need to transfer the whole car instead of parting it out myself. My email is [email protected] The car is in Central Ohio. More photos are in the vehicle registry.
  14. Name: Peugeot 505 STI Category: North America Date Added: 2021-05-24 Submitter: TK-505   Peugeot 505 STI  
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