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  1. Thanks, I have new rotors for it. So I have to remove the big nut eh? I guess I just hammer the staked portions away with a punch or something... Does this mean I should replace that big nut with a new one as well? I imagine eventually you can't really stake it in place any more. Are there torque specs for all these things? Thanks, Todd
  2. Hi, Can anyone explain to me how to remove the rotors on this car? I can see the 4 allen head bolts thru the hole in the existing rotor and looking at my replacement rotors it seems that they attach from *behind*? I can't fathom how this is to take place. I'm assuming the four allen bolts undo some portion of the hub and somehow it slides off, then the rotor comes off. I also see a gigantic nut in the middle of the hub that probably holds it to the axle, it seems to be staked into place. I'm hoping that doesn't have to come off too, it looks nasty, but I have a feeling it probably does...
  3. Thanks Rabin, a diagram would be wonderful but actually drawing up my own and piecing things together from various other models/years has taught me a lot about my car's electrical system and generalities that peugeot uses. For example, I've found that wires with "M" in them or M and a number are generally grounds, for instance wire 16 may be the positive lead for dome lights and M16 will be a ground wire for the dome lights. Other things seem to be common between the models, like some of the numbers cross over. "25" seems to refer to instrument lighting in general, 113 is the switch wiring
  4. Thanks, My plans are to use it as an occasional car (I have a daily driver already). The problems I'm discovering are mostly electrical in nature. It's interesting as my owner's manual seems to be for a gas car even though it's the correct year. It has pictures of an older style of fusebox with bayonet style fuses and wiring that makes no sense in light of my car, for instance it refers to things like lambda sensors and other items a diesel wouldn't have. The #'s simply don't match up. My car instead has a newer blade style fuse holder with #'s 1 to 14. I sure could use a die
  5. Hi Pug Lovers, I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum here as I've acquired a 1981 505S Turbodiesel, potentially a silver edition as it seems to have all the gear. I've attached a few photos in the as-found condition after a decent wash and general cleanup. It has 59k miles on it and was originally a san diego area car, the next card in the maintenance book was for 60k so I guess they kept up with it! There are, of course, a few problems to address but for starters here's the car in my driveway: I haven't had a car with round headlights in a while! Almost
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