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  1. Hey Mike T, I am the other owner of the car with nick. He is away this weekend and I am doing most Facebook posts and nick will be doing forums and other. This vehicle is a cool car because of its milage. It makes it extremely unique. And there are may different opinions for what should be done to this car. Some say leave it the way we found it and let the new owner have the joy of cleaning and restoring it. Some say clean it and sell it, and others say restore it. This car is a complete wild card and the value is unknown, because after all, it's a Peugeot. They aren't the most desirable of cars. but I can tell you there is not another one like it in the world! The value is unknown and it will probably have to go to a global web site auction after Covid boarder restrictions are lifted to reach true value. Yes, This car will need a complete going over. I am a car enthusiast with a small car collection. very rairly do engines get seized from sitting. so besides a complete fluid flush of all fluids (including diesel) I have no reason to believe that this car wouldn't run the same like the day it was new! Currently it sits with all original fluids still in the car! yes, hoses and belts would need to be changed as well as the brakes and hydraulic clutch. but honestly it wouldn't take much money to do all that. the most difficult part would be tracking down the parts locally The underside of the car is my favorite. It is so cool seeing the yellow paint marks from its final inspector from where it was made on all calliper bolts, and various areas in the engine compartment. And then finding Blue and white inspection paint marks on the steering, and suspension parts. None of the bushings or seals on the steering/suspension are hard and cracked. they are in like new condition!. the car still has "rubber hairs" on the tire tread that would normally be worn off. And I use the term rubber hairs loosley because they molded these tires differently in 1975 than they do now. The valve train can be seen when removing the breather on the valve cover and the valve springs are as clean as a whistle with pure gold oil on the dip stick. All original filters and belts as well. It is a cool find and we are having a bunch of people msging us wanting to sell it and asking for a price. In the mean time, we will entertain offers and cool trade offers, but it isn't "listed" for sale...YET. We are both in the research stage of what to do with it and how much to ask for it and if to sell locally or on a web auction globally. It is safe to say if someone makes a firm offer that both nick and I feel is fair, they will get it. Oh, and Mike...We have had offers much higher than the $1,000-$2,000 that you say its worth! Just saying... Feel free to find the posts in random facebook groups about this car, I am the one managing them. I will let Nick take over this post. Cheers! Phil
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